Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother Jones writes about flu scares here is my comment

Kevin Drum in Mother Jones opinions barely mentions Y2 and all the nerdy comments are giving credence or differences, while the current topic 9 years later is the hyping of Swines carrying in buckets slops of flu with which to kill entire populations...or so the media hype implies...

Like an author called Cullen who reviewed and rewrote the story on Columbine said, the messages turn into myths as they regurgitate back into those who Seem To Know but actually dont the media puts out a news report....many people comment and exaggerate and dramatize it...the media reports on that flurry of emotional arousal again...

the doctors = [they get good money and business from this SCARE as do pharmaceutical co.s and all health care places, including "emergency" rooms who can increase budgets because of "increased needs" = go figure who gains from the media blasts about how many are [not] dying from flu in this USA, at least ] love the limelight and increased ability to bill for calls, visits, scaredy swine calls.....

the public has something to gossip and talk about besides loss of pensions, income, IRA's, jobs...let's focus on something even worse than loss of savings and ability to pay rent...let's focus on our lives, deaths, sick loved that's surely more serious, no ?

the news and their corporate/ advertisers get lots of play and attention which is always good for their profitting bottom lines...

the CDC is exposed to be limited in how much they know, but they do know this and have said so [not well known or re-told] : "there are 36,000 deaths from flu every year in the USA...." huh? you mean 1 more is not significant or a big worry ?

Researching a bit more finds that the flu in USA has been "mild", the CDC top man in Los Angeles said wearing those pretty blue masks does very little to protect anyone [the ones wearing them or the ones looking at those they no longer recognize as 'friendly faces' ]

and the Mexican Swines are to be condemned, after the drug cartels, of course...for allowing their obviously 'failed state' to not protect their own people. What a good reason to have a hygenic wall built on our southern border, no ?

Or better screen all those illegals that continually elude our border patrol. Why not ? It sounds more reasonable than it did before the Fear Flu Scare.

so back to the real topic of the day is not computer bugs and updates, but what is the latest fad and hype and spin and waaaaaaaaaaaaay exaggerated FEAR promoted for who knows what reasons ? yes, we can imagine a bunch...wanna share what you think is being hidden or denied under this latest SCARE ?

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