Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big Pharma - yes, we have been sold on pill-taking always and forever new

reposted from my comment on in Mother Jones
by maryjanie on May 5, 2009 - 5:03pm.

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This is a comment to an article entitled: "Big Pharma Profits from Grandmother's Little Helpers — By James Ridgeway | Tue May 5, 2009 "
an excerpt :... "summarizes two new studies from the journal Health Affairs, documenting the explosion in the use–and cost–of psychotropic drugs over the last decade. One study found that between 1996 and 2006, “prescriptions for mental health medications increased by 73% among U.S. adults and by 50% among children.” As of 2006, one in 10 U.S. adults takes at least one prescription for this purpose"[snip]
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We have bought into the well-advertised story - "take a pill and it is easy", or else "it will save your life".... all at a huge cost that is never revealed.

It is predominantly in the USA that the sales pitch has worked so well. Using the cover up of common sense and common substances to Cure what cannot be cured but only partially or slightly changed, we are barraged with doctor-advising and advertising. Medications are the easiest way to provide medical "help".

Just write a prescription and get paid for the visit or call. No need for deep thoughtful diagnosis or history taking. No need for individual care. Statistics with genralizations are enough proof to professionally state that " this little expensive pill/drug will save you from whatever you think you are feeling that should NOT BE SO.

You should feel good all the time. You should never be uneasy or uncomfortable or different than your models. You should not have to feel anything at all except pleasure or numbness. We have a pill for any feelings you dont want or like. "

No need to suffer or even think you are suffering.

The AMA and all it's profiteers and alliances have convinced the USAmericans that only they can do nature's work and better and at a much higher cost too. No need to use mental health talk or other healing therapies when a pill will maybe [or often not] do.

The placebo effect is most often about 1/3 of the effect anyhow. The white coat or gown or fancy office plays another percentage of the helping role. The expensive education must have surely given that doctor/medical practitioner some invaluable knowledge, like dispensing pills being the primary one used [sometimes the same stuff comes in liquid form, but it is not liked as magically good tho].

And we have exported this notion that pills are the best and safest and easist. Magical word "easiest". The whole world agrees. Hand us some more pills, please.

Not all medications are unnecessary. Never think that. But much more prescriptions are written and taken for what is only a slight, mild, little, or negative effect on the actual medical problem. Much more 'you need our medicine' is advertised right to the consumer to then instruct their prescriber what they want w/o even an expert diagnosis involved.

So who is surprised that 1/10 of those we may know are popping pills and forgetting how to throw them back up. Thow up the idea that pills solve everything. That there is or should be a pill available for any unwanted thought, sensation, not-allowed-feeling. And many medications do very little if anything actually. NIMH admits most studies are not as good as they want to sound, actually. Proof positive is not always as it is advertised either.

Like for demenia. Like aging effects, Like looking less than screen star-gorgeous. Like being less than super-muscular. Like a little agitation or anxiety that is feared to be dangerous or deadly even. Like any sensation that is not usual or suddenly felt. Like doing whatever "the doctor Orders !" tho the positive effects are not actually noted to be helpful after all. Or not for very long.

We have become pill-prone, laying down to do whatever the fad, mode, sales job has insisted is "best for you, dearie" when they forget to tell us how they are bested up by our purchasing [yes, even thru insurance or govt programs, it's our money still being used for these purchases ] the drugs.

Fear mongering is pervasive and a new wave continually erupts and flows into every news story or media coverage. "Take a pill and the fear will diminish, for a moment or two anyhow." Fear of getting sick or uncomfortable is highly prevalent. "Take a pill, just in case," even if the probability may be very small of being actually ill enough to lay in bed for a day.

We have been sold a box of pills that is putting minds to sleep and quiets any questions right into the black hole of "that is an irrelevant question" [but who decides this ? yes, we know]

We no longer question if we need the prescriptions, we ask for them, or may not even fill them, but pay for them in some form or other. We believe that all is genetic or body only and whatever else there is can also be changed and improved with another pill for the mind or emotions or socialization process. There is a medication or 25 more easily available for every possible concern or questioned part of us.

Most are not essential. A good number may be, for a while. Chronic illness people rely on pills - assuming they are saving themselves from worse, when 'chronic' means not temporal or improving either. To be relieved of pain and deep suffering is important and should always been attempted, tho it may not be effected at times.

Most of what is sold, bought, prescribed, resold on the streets, and used to OD on is a waste of money, waste of our resources, and a waste of our intelligent questioning minds.

This article has good information, thought provoking and hopefully not pill popping being the effect any more. Time to be checking OURSELVES in and out about what we need, what works, for how long, what it costs actually, and what we have been sold into pill-slavery for all this time.

(c) maryjanie 2009

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