Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fear Flu spreading, it's not virus a - but mutating behavioral reactions...why ?

dear readers:

please listen carefully to what is NOT being said and what is 'created' as if it was "news", but for some obscure but imaginable reasons that are not healthy for us all..... chose what to believe and research for not believe and obey as most around you do...foolishly.

just this morning while waiting for my 4 new tires to be put on, TV was on at that station with California's Main PH man called Fielding [a UCLA person too] doing Q&A at a press conference for over 1/2 hr... he is a Public Health top guy...[google him for info on him and his pronouncements too ]

he said in CA there are NO cases of "swine" flu, but a few of the usual regular flu...

Fielding said masks dont do anything worthwhile...

he said wash hands well [use nail brush or old tooth brush if necessary] more often hard is that ? which is a very old hygienic routine and good habit, at all times

alcohol prep packets are convenient and being sold out of stores...

soapy water in small bottle is also antiseptic and cheaper too....

baby wipes stored in purse, bag or in car are convenient..or a small roll of paper towels stuffed in ...or whatever...a sheet if need be, something that makes life safer and maybe saner too.

move away from anyone coughing [that's easy, everyone will run out of room with you ! ] ...
then YOU can take your mother to Bingo, or your kids to a movie or dance class, and live a relatively ordinary life still now...

AND everyone can even wear cotton gloves if they want, for dramatic fashion reasons mostly,

and you can take alcohol in little bottle to clean off all chips, cards, railings, seats, keyboards, and cups..clean off every or any object once more ...[ whether it is necessary doesnt matter, but it is dramatic and intended to look like you are doing some magical killing of bugs & viruses anyhow - creating a safer, cleaner world for us all ]

and not believe in this "pandemic" =meaning it spreads far "pan" - googled it:

"pandemic (of a disease) affecting persons over a wide geographical area; extensively epidemic from Collins Discovery Encyclopedia 2005"

but also look at BBC maps, updated to see just how many "reported" and "suspected" cases...and see that they are mostly "mild" and hardly anyone yet has died,

more people daily die in any town's traffic accidents today by far...

and from hospital bugs contaminating the healthy patients too...

so see more real statistics if you dont believe me !!!!

and stop your whole family & friends from having to worry about getting the flu which is common enough every year any where ... anyone can catch cold, flu, e coli, other bacteria & viruses that are all over all the preventatives are possible !!!! sorry.

if you talk to doctors [who know nothing more or even less than you do cuz they also watch TV and they have no more up-to-date info.. cuz now it is available to all of us via internet from CDC ...and we have time to check it out...while they are so busy collecting their new clients now....besides, the doctors' main concerns are to be careful about THEIR OWN MALPRACTICE SUITS.

so they always caution extraordinarily so they cant ever be "blamed" later...which tells us that this does not mean greater expertise in current events... they are good at giving out prescriptions and cutting when necessary...much is old-school common sense and the air of expertise you pay them well for. Not all bad, just not at all god-like or all-knowing either.

it means they cover their own reputations and love to be needed and then paid, cuz they do bill Medicare or Medicaid or your expensive insurance for every action taken - phone call as well as your visit...nothing much for free with them...

and they love the attention and business !!!

so see CDC guidelines as updated for your area....

see what is real and what all most is HYPE and fear mongering ...

yes, continual and explosive and exponential....fear selling on every level....political, economic, now health and next....?

it has not stopped but escalated continually for many years now...terrorists, red-yellow alerts, Military and Dept of Defense & Homeland Security, et al, their need to cover their budgets to keep getting more money from taxpayers- who are putting their cash into Govt budgets - all for bigger planes and more military, agricultural big farm subsidies, and more national security and surveillance too ?

and yes, the need for "more service volunteers" from young people , who are being turned into military-like "corps", that will be used for created-emergencies that surely will soon arise.... no, this is not just a conspiracy thought, but when reading about the visible actions currently being taken openly to flood this country with more surveillance, and with those becoming oh ever so loyal to the govt [not their local community or neighbors ], these forces may be used for purposes we do not want to imagine now... [see those who were recruited to vote for this prez and those who are still 'working' for him now...huh ? see how many unemployed youth and others are being pushed into volunteer corps and minimal paid workers, resembling para-military in uniforms, regulations, and followership].

and all the continual PR campaigning the prez is still doing to keep those loyal to stick by him...almost reverentially....isn't this the way to create not a democracy of free thinkers but a narrow minded large-sized-band / mob of enforcers of only one way of thinking & believing ??

what do you think fear does ?

it promotes obedience, it promotes belonging.. insure some safety in numbers, with others who may help...or not...

it promotes blind following,

it creates more of itself..fears expand and contaminate all thought & emotions,

fear narrows open thought or divergent dissident thinking

fear prevents creative different solutions

fear keeps people stuck and solidified in one place ONLY

fear is just an externally induced state of mind that can be kept in place for a long time until it is a habit that just reinforces longer needs external stimulus to ignite more self-censorship does when it becomes habitual

fear is what is being media-promoted and what has been for a long long time called propaganda...also called PR and hype and spin and advertising and sales....the propagation of limited ideas/ beliefs/ & rigid thinking...all that is
conveniently used by rulers & "leaders" to then manipulate their groups/ citizens into any convenient [pre-planned mostly] actions...pollution of mass minds...not clear open clean free thinking...that's not allowed in this follow-me process.

this has been done for what's new ?


so do whatever you want, cuz it is your choice and your life and your parent's teachings are in your hands, however you chose to place them at this time...

I just hate to see people falling into the mental traps laid out so prolifically....

in other words "dont believe everything you hear / see" on any media, especially commercial ones [and while PBS & NPR are better, but they still competitively repeat the same as others do...tho less vehemently]

At the Festival of Books, I just heard a great reporter called Cullen who studied the Columbine killers and students and after 10years !!! yes, it took him all that time to research, interview, & rethink it all, he found that the stories told were mostly UNTRUE about both the killers, about what happened, et al... in a new book he just published and his descriptive story of how he wrote that book and got more info, he reminded me once again, how we are easily drawn to the dramatic, the gossip/rumor that are repeated as "myths" as he called them...and we then also repeat and believe the generalized media-driven version, not the true or real or researched one....and when he said "when the FBI said I could write"....[I did not get to ask him about that one yet...] but I then realized that there too is suppression and withholding of info by those in authority that we never realize...even years way after the event !!! why? I will have to write to ask him....

I was startled...

main point - stories are most often 'myths' and results later never revealed or 'old news' longer "new" so dismissed, discarded, ignored...not reviewed, nor corrected later.

same with this dramatic sway most people are held in now...this "swine" flu scare.

at least this is my CAREFULLY REGARDED OPINION.... [use it as you wish]

and dont stop doing stuff just out of fear.....Fielding also said viruses live for a 'few hours'... not hardly long lived...but of course, ANY AND MANY VIRUSES are all around us alllllllllllllll the time and we already mostly have a decent immune system that prevents major illnesses from developing...

unless you prefer being scared and watching TV instead, then enjoy that if so. It is a choice, not a necessity to believe all that is being blasted...and big pharmaceuticals and med supply companies and medical Doctors are pro fitting here...

and there may be other clever political & economic ploys that have to do with Mexico and whatever "terrorism" we want to emphasize now too, that in 20 years will be revealed... ho hum......

can you tell ? yes, I am furious at how meek and scared people have become and are induced to become

so all the reactions we are being 'contaminated' by have elicited this barrage of words and exclamations...not your or theirs fault but a natural response to being surrounded by so much created-fear and repeated-"news" apparently designed to provoke reactions globally.

so let me know what happens next, where the next wave of manipulated imaginations surge and wave...where the next "overwhelming" globally transmitted & medicalized disaster will ensure that we must do no more than ...agree, obey, smile, accept, obey, do as we are told, follow orders, buy more products, let them take away any small freedoms we thought we had, admit our helplessness, obey, give up what liberties were previously written in some old constitution of before, smile, be nice, never question, and just say "yes"...and again "yes, we will" and "yes, whatever you say must be true" and "I will"....and dont forget: OBEY... never question or dissent, just smile...some more.....

and die... but not peace fully nor morally that way.

whatever...stuff happens...but to be afraid ? not a good idea.

(c) maryjanie 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Scared of the swine flu ? here is some not to worry after all..yet

Hello, my friends,

Are you falling for the usual SCARE stories that "news" loves to use ?,,,,that news corps use to get more ratings and attention? Let’s hope not.

Is there a 'kernel of reality' in it ? Yes, of course, or fear would have died away by now. It has not.

Here some web sites of interest, to date .... and later more info will surely emerge,

from CDC direct info here = =
and has some stats too and they say =

"What You Can Do to Stay Healthy[ier] There are everyday actions people can take to stay healthy. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.[ of course]
Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hands cleaners are also effective.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread that way
Try to avoid close contact with sick people. [duh] Influenza is thought to spread mainly person-to-person through coughing or sneezing of infected people. If you get sick, CDC recommends that you stay home from work or school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.
" [ good way to get more rest for the ill ]

BBC wrote : there is no evidence that swine flu can be transmitted through eating meat from infected animals. However, it is essential to cook meat properly.”

also see a more trustworthy source of NPR – PRI news

and to have a photo that may alarm anyone see too . Other links are available there.

Then you Might want to see for some good graphics that explain what’s occurring.


#1 Sleep lots, as much as you can. Make the time. Rest when sleep is not happening. The body naturally heals when the body is not stressed, tense, tight & constricted, when blood can flow and muscles & organs relaxed. Dream. Read. Rest. More than usual as a preventative.

#2 Water. Drink lots of plain clean water, nothing fancy. Juices are good. Fluids help blood circulate and flow and cleanse inner organs and ‘parts’. Think of the ‘inner shower’ healing and washing out impurities of any kind.

#3 Vitamin C and any nutrients you may be not ingesting in the foods ordinary eaten in a rush for convenience. Try yogurt or acidophilus to replenish the ‘good’ bacteria. Any food supplements you have neglected to take, now resume and take to insure the best body nourishment you can give yourself. Splurge, at least for now.

#4 Lower stress and strain, of the mind, emotions, body and spirit too. Let Go of those common worries you carry and lay them down – temporarily – so you can take better care of this body you live within – for now. The worries are not going away but can be given a rest for now. Notice the habit of being tense and egoistic and for this moment, let stuff slide...they will surely return to their ‘normal’ state again.

#5 Accept whatever this fear and body surveillance emerges now. Accept the discomfort of any symptoms you notice and you identify as “I’ve got it ! oh......” Accept that you may not always feel as fine and neutral as you wish and are disappointed at time at being less than perfectly healthy. Accept that all this shifts & changes, on it’s own, without your worrying too.

#6 Observe how the “news” everywhere infects and inserts itself into your mind and world and beliefs. Observe how the “news” and gossip and conversations center around FEAR and worry and the latest obsession that disturbs, you and your friends. Observe how you react to what is not your or in you. And may never be in you. Ever. Observe your own fear and paranoias surge and ebb and move back into your forefront and slip/ slide again. Watch your thoughts. They can be funny and disturbing and repetitive. Watch your self.

#7 DO NOT believe all that the Prez’s proclamations in their P.R. and promotional messages. The govt is Not medically accurate nor the best source of information, ever. The Prez and the ‘administrators’ have their own agenda and reasons to be “leaders” in order to keep Control and fear and their preferred slant on the “news” in the forefront, having access and power to do so.

Notice that when the media puts the Prez and their experts opinions up first, they are not working in the public citizen’s behalf but are part of an advertising corporation that sells products and services and aligns with govt powers more than they do to you. Be skeptical and aware of how both the fear and reassurances are tingled with subtle messages that demand obedience and imply punishments. Remember that PR is just that – trying to regulate the public’s opinion.

What is most repeatedly publicly is intended to control the public and ‘calm’ the people in a certain slanted way. Notice what is not stated. Note what is expected in return. Be your own opinion-maker and less of a 'believer.'

#8 for fun and fashion, you can dramatize this situation and wear a fancy fabric or anarchist bandana across your face and watch the effect ! It may or not resist any viruses that want to penetrate that barrier, but you will surely attract attention and be able to talk easily to strangers with this disguise and pretend you are safer than those who are easily embarrassed and bare-faced.

#9 Remember that you seldom have had the ‘serious’ diseases that are globally seen on TV, net, radio and newspaper “news”...and that what happens in far off lands is not right ‘here’ in your neighborhood and unlikely to arrive either. You have not been selected for punishment, no matter what your family thought or said.

Trust that your life is one for experiences of learning.

Be Mindful of what this experience is really all about for you, as a human body person.

Remember that you have lived this long and somehow survived worse.

Create a positive healthful environment for yourself and your loved ones, now.

Enjoy the whole scene that is clearly intended to scare you and arouse you to change and improve too.

Write me and tell me what else you know or how you react to this great message.

(c) Maryjanie

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unemployed ? Here are some thoughts that may help.

Out of a job ? again ? or suddenly scared of losing that job you complained so much about just recently ? You are not alone. Some thoughts of an unemployed. Share your comments and suggestions here too.

Some thinking people actually have become more than full up with all the Obama fawning and the constant admiring of his continual PR and his continual campaigning is getting old too. This Prez said, same as prior one, go buy more to help the economy recover. Huh ? How ?

Some people on unemployment are now saying it is good to 'go on the dole' as the Brits say, and assume that if a job is not easily found quickly, then just take the government's money [ that is= all the taxpayers' money, including your prior employed payments ] and pretend it is all 'for free now'...not to worry...just take a year's vacation on the back of the rest of the hard-laboring-citizens? "Stay on unemployment as long as you can", many like to advise.

But is that called helpful - moral - fair - and honest advice? Some of us differ. That benefit is only a temporary tide-over so we can continue searching, persisting, learning and trying some more. Not a good answer, even if the govt is now giving it up for longer or with more benefits. It's still 'the dole', not to be ashamed of, but not an uplifting way to live.

The easy way out is not the best way, nor is the selfish taking "time off with pay" a socially conscionable act. If you need time off because of some serious emotional or health reason, that is different, but just because work is more difficult to find or with less pay than you had before... that walk-away is not a healthy choice for you, or the rest of us either. In fact, the too-long-time-off creates other attitude problems for returning to employment.

Better yet is learning how to trade and barter and help each other,any other, collectively, cooperatively, and willingly.

Spend less and realize that the good-economic-with-debt- times were a faked up advertised illusion, that you too believed as if no consequences would ever occur when over-consumption was indulged.

Realize the ways USAns have been sold on luxury, regularly eating 'out', buying fancy new items [phones, electronics, clothes, toys] , and always "more" with it's attendant Entitlement Attitude was fun but that was also a fake lure. All that is excessive has it's cyclic turn and then ...plop ! right back into the good earth dirt mud.

And what is wrong with being frugal, sharing sparingly but lovingly with others ?

It's not hard to do unless you have become indulgent, expectant, and spoiled-childlike.

So how can each person share whatever skills they have accumulated in-Trade with someone else's talents and resources ? Barter more. What's so hard about coming back around to where the global citizens had less, saved more, did without all those up-scale extras ?

And....without complaints and self-pity. Without taking advantage of anyone else or even the system?

Can't we do as others do : Share apt. spaces, and learn how to "get along" with others that seemed so difficult before . Not everyone needs a whole apt. for themselves alone, or even just 'for 2'. Like so many other peoples of this world, spaces can be used in shifts, or shared in different ways as work spaces, not just stored as 'sitting rooms'.

And what tragedies occur if time is used more practically with a lot less TV, movie, DVD, and passive other-story-watching ?

Being INVOLVED in real life with real people is a real learning experience...yes, again.

Learning to tolerate, accept and cooperate is a whole level we have easily avoided by the being able to live separately while previously affording 'my very own' for a while now.

Can we now take the challenges we have avoided, like having to live alongside each other, again, instead of separating [like spoiled milk], or instead of looking down at having-to-share, yes, again.

Who ever said this USAmerican life is suppose to always be more filled with more stuff, including electronics, toys, adult toys, and full wallets ? Who ever promised us that we would always get MORE ...while also working longer hours for less and like it too ?

We've heard that actual wages have not risen in real inflated dollars since 1997, but we have demanded to stay in that dream in which we could buy more and more because we "deserve" to keep always buying. Besides buying being a 'national duty' by this and prior Prez's decrees too.

Is it Depression, recession, hard times or just 'harder than we ever thought it Should Be'? The word description is not what is important. It is how we go into the challenges and find creative ways of learning to live...again...differently than we have grown accustomed to...but still not so bad as is feared and complained.

We still have what friends we realize, yes, we can trust and like. We may even have family to which we must re-connect back.. yes, again. We may find that regular home-cooking, doing our own cleaning and laundry, driving less and taking public transportation at times, reading for personal growth and learning, and talking to strangers [who love to share their secrets and advice too] is not as bad as we thought. The simple life. The fuller life.

Hey, why the sour look ? The free paycheck from the govt is not free for all. But while finding clever ways of making just-enough to keep us housed and fed until another job or opportunity emerges, we can still stay free, independent, inter-dependent and be adults.

The welfare roles are not the best opportunity for growth or gain, tho many do lazily prefer them.

Try another way, for a change. Grow. Be willing to do something 'different' than just get. For a change.

(C) maryjanie 2009