Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Child-Free by Choice, a novel idea or is it ?

Larry Mantle's pgrm on KPPC 1/5/2010 was about not having kids discussing a book entitled :

"Two is Enough: A Couple's Guide to Living Childless by Choice"
Childless by Choice Project, Laura Scott, author.

My responses are :

” I am old enough to know better....made a clear and definite choice in early 1960's to have children with husband after deep deliberation, just after pill came out to be 'safe'...and they grew up to decide on their very own to NOT have children, each one chose this separately. Delighted to not have-to-be a grandmother, to take care of children,


yes, there are normal happy people who Do Not Like Children as a generality... and there is nothing WRONG or BAD about that attitude...contrary to ordinary average socialized opinions.. voiced so easily that everyone 'should, must, naturally' Love Children. children are ok to observe, talk to briefly when not too close or too long, and it is not SELFISHNESS as in 'not ok' ...but a life choice, freely & intelligently made based on life path and life style too perhaps.

children are not all cute, adorable, sweet, nice, pleasant, fun, et al.

they are also mean, cruel, spiteful, moody, self-centered, with different personalities that may or not match compatibly with any adult. some people like to have someone depend on them, too feel needed, to want to "be helpful" and to re create themselves thru someone else. others dont.

we are very pleased with our socially conscious lives and have nothing missing at all... and with the way the world is 'turning'....we are grateful we made these choices so long ago...all 3 of us, my kids and me too... this ends our family line on both my husbands and my side. great !

someone else wrote:” We are not childless, we are child-free!”

I agree !

(c) maryjanie 2010

HEALTH COST INCREASES...shhhhh...dont talk about that hardly, not truthfully ..shhhhhh

Larry Mantle on KPCC on 1/5/10 discussed opinions and reactions to health care as it is being congressionally 
voted and promoted. My comments could not get in on time they are anyhow !

“ Why is the actual Increase - yearly - in health costs, stated as supposedly "necessary and unavoidable:..
un huh...but that is not continually discussed, investigated, explored, exposed to do direct actions to keep
COSTS DOWN instead of just agreeing to keep spending more and more again, in just another way to
the benefit of those who provide medical services [mostly writing prescriptions by # of services provided]
... and then passing andtransferring all costs that still keep on RISING continually every single year to
the average American.

note that Kaiser- which is a non-profit  - has yet again for 2010  the premium has increased by 10%
...and they claimno profits ....yet have that increase every single year ? cumulatively it becomes double
or more in a short span of time. And this is not discussed. Why is this so ?

Why does the AMA, and all the medical doctors & health staff who  not get reductions in their high fees
and salaries-their benefits mostly that provides only another increase in costs...and this is with or w/o
the usual general public yearly CPI inflation ?

Why is the discussion about whether it is govt [= all of us who earn anything at all paying it ] or private plans
[some pay more, others dont, and it is 'privatized' as most businesses are too ]...why is the discussion stuck in
one place ...? rather than explore and admit why the costs are so extremely elevated... and why most
people dont get much healthier from Medical treatment.. We stay the same or improve, from ::::

1- improved and cheaper hygiene, and appliances and chemicals that keep our waters, foods, safe [sometimes]

2 -better work conditions & safety concerns

3- technology and machines taking over body movements work

4- and no longer do many chores that could injure or cause body harm, poorer health

5- we have job losses, especially the manual work [mfg] ones, vs office 'sitting' in the so-called "service" sector

6- dangerous manual labor has been diminishing in USA and has been outsourced 'over there'

7- and medical treatment outsourcing when our medical prices are prohibitive and other places like
India, Indonesia, etc do it as well, cheaper but with similar results ?

8- and other factors that can be pulled up and looked at, reviewed, improved, negotiated, shifted too.... huh ?

why is all the talk continually about one aspect only - as if that was the Only and most Important part of why and what we need to VOTE on, to change How we do which
medicine ...and how / why we pay for it and why we pay so much for ....oh, whatever?

That is the real problem as I look at it. Most news and commentators and then the
public too just repeat the 1 2-sided issue, as if that is all the problem entailed...

while some of us then just dismiss the repetitious arguments about a closed minded
Dem-Rep 2-party ltd stuck country...that does not allow any alternate voices or questions either. but yet, I still chose to live in this USA and then use it's medical system as rarely
as is possible.

please DISCUSS THE ACTUAL $$$ COSTS AND WHY THEY ARE AS HIGH AS THEY ARE, even if the reparations and improvements that could reduce the cost, to individuals,
groups, even companies are then ultimately ignored with "we can't do thaaaaaat !"

it is not the right questions being repeated, thus limiting any good answers.

(c) MARYJANIE 2010

FEAR ! no no no ! let's not !

Pat Morrison on KPCC radio on Jan 5, 2010 did an interview with this author =

Barry Glassner, author "The Culture of Fear".

She wrote on KPCC website:

"our day to day lives are defined by fear. Three out of four Americans say that they are more fearful now than they were 20 years ago. How dangerous is it? discuss if our fear is justified, or have we been manipulated into being paralyzed, by fear itself…"

My response to the validity discussed about how Fear is excessively promoted and elicited currently is:

So glad you are both speaking and exposing this falacy and contagious stress inducing PR scheme. thanks Pat & Barry. I agree, fear is not helpful to make safer our daily lives in this USA we actually live within. Violence exists. Worse elsewhere, Publicized more here. Made visible daily, repetitiously here. why is this ? FEAR IS OUR MAJOR EXPORT AND IMPORT and so profitable too...why do advertisers buy media space next to these stories and emphases ? It is not what we fear but how we are pushed and elicited to be aroused to watch / listen to "news" to be more fearful. Those aroused are better consumers and will buy stuff to reassure themselves too.

Fear is a profitable PR marketing tactic. 
It is not just bleeding that is what wakes the tired populous up, but a lot of sexual arousal and titillation will bring
attention to the over-worked, depressed, angry, bored, withdrawn, and or dependent on external stimulation
American. we seem to love it and expose it even more than other cultures, tho not all others. We dismiss
'superstitions' while engaging in the same behavior and we think we are superior by using different 'solutions' for
the fears that we too absorb and project further.

Why is every described as "worST, moST, wildEST" all described in extremes as if unique and truly to be noted ?

Why is fear more useful to an over-saturated media-absorbing public than it's so-called-positive images that
may be just as fake and fantasized ?

Why is there so much agreement to promote FEAR by media people, by professionals who want to make a name
fame for themselves, by government public relations people to accumulate more POWER in those institutional bodies ?

Why is FEAR the preferred mode of being in the USA?

In this day and age, when no nuclear anything has 'gone off'... when no famine has occurred in USA....when disasters
are actually rare and minor but blown up to be given Attention and thus advertising will pay for that media space
when people are fearing and watching / listening too ...

And the reporter who do NOT explore further, investigate, or cant afford to do more than say the same outlandish
attention- grabbing terrible whatever, so it reverberates until by repetition it is believed and discussed and agreed
to be 'real' and accurate ?

They only work for pay, so why spend too much time doing anything that is not paid for by their salaries/ commissions
? I agree with Barry, that is why my email has this signature to be seen by anyone I write to and by me too every
time I use email:
"No one outside ourselves can rule us inwardly. When we know this we become free. FEAR is always an anticipation
of what has NOT yet come. FEAR is our gross national product & export." "

{c} Maryjanie 2008

UCLA raises fees everywhere on everyone

this was posted also in

UCLA increases parking fees some more

UCLA has instituted a $3/ parking fee on Disabled Placard holders everywhere on campus after years of following Calif State free parking for legitimate blue zoned areas, starts Jan 1, 2010, but.....

Sad news of the UC system taking from the less- employable and indigent handicapped-disabled folks now.

After years of following the California code for allowing those who are often not able to be fully employed and earning like 'ordinary folks', like those with legitimate disabilities, even those not visible medical conditions... i.e. not stumbling in wheel chair or drooping on a cane... but still limited in their abilities to move and be fully mobile, Now those few spots where there was disabled parking was at no cost, is no more.

But big signs went up everywhere to only announcing that as of Jan 1,2010 a $3 visitor fee for Disabled Parking will apply to all who enter these sacred grounds.

Why complain ? Because the University of California, i.e. UCLA, system is trying to increase it's income on the backs of all those who enter the university premises - even who can ill afford these increases. Yes. but yet, the $3 is less than the ordinary $10 entry daily fees for sure !

The lack of adequate or clear & presentable communications to it's loyal public has led to many disabled non-students, and non-staff folks,to react with ill-will.

Lack of acceptance of these increases in the cost of visiting OUR university, sp that even alumni, the elderly, or those actually often unable to earn equally or fairly in the work world, and also those who do not use their dead grandma's handicap plaques are jolted into surprise thus dismay at this sudden decree.

The sidewalk signs are all that tell the public of what comes without any adequate advance notices nor any explanations. Just pay up or else..... No questions allowed.

This is poor public relations - creating ill will and resentments - not just because of the cash now required but more so because there is no consideration for the visiting public in giving clear and courteous notice of what is happening,. "Why ?" is not a question obviously, and this immediate change is made without even a mild pretense of an apology for the sudden rise in rates. Not a glimmer of caring about public reactions, and no place for public comments either.

To communicate with the Transportation / Parking Dept of UCLA that handles all parking is very convoluted, difficult and requires much effort, patience, perseverance and wasted personal time. There is no one to ask questions of what is going on. There is no answer if one tries. And even tho their employees are salary-paid-still also to answer questions and handle responses to their sudden actions, apparently they are not paid well enough to have a Q&A response system. Just pay up...or else ! Because we said so..... hmmmmmmm

The set-up street signs announcing the $3 Handicap Parking went up in December 2009 and for the 3 weeks the Univ. was fully shut down for the holidays is assumed to be time-enough for 'everyone' to be informed, conform and silently agree. But no one was around to see these signs before Jan 4, when UCLA opened up again. And the student parking workers know hardly anything when asked.

Oh well, let them take the guff and be frontline casualties.

The Parking dept can sit in offices further away and be safe from public reactions and opinions and questions.

However, there are no flyers are handed out at parking kiosks, so the poor student workers there have no information other than "you have to pay now" and they will be getting the ire and fury of those visitors daily that suddenly are confronted with an unexplained cost increase Is this the way to "do business".
By our state-paid employees at UCLA ?

This is a sign of the times, but not just economic ones. It is the times of the "We Dont Care because We Have Power to Do as We wish", acted out by those who are paid by the California STATE funds, which are taxpayer supplied, of course. Instead of helping the UC system show consideration and caring to all concerned in times when good-will is hard to come by anyway - e.g. with the recent announcement of fee increases for students whose families earn over $70,000, now the Transportation Dept did not think ahead or do proper PR.

It was not planned well enough to make ADVANCE information available, with more than the easy demand and set up of a New Rule. "Pay UP or get an expensive parking ticket !" is the abrupt message. We dont care about anyone but getting our money. From any every one who comes near here....our campuses.

The Jan 4, 2010 issue of the New Yorker Magazine has an excellent article about the recent UC systems' problems and reactions to the student fee increases announced last fall. Check it out online or at library copy.

Reading of this well-written story brought up other questions of why the UC students - who are trying to re-enact the motions of rebellions of the 1960's Anti War protests, tho they do not apply now - when these youth are reacting not to war...not to death of Americans and Vietnamese and others... who are not to being drafted, maimed and maybe killed in far off wars as young men/ women ...who are not concerned as a social movement that cares about what the government does 'not in our name'... no, not these protests....these are different times and different students than what they model their chants and parades and graffiti on....

The students currently at the UC systems have feebly enacted scenes - trying to look powerful -but for their own MONETARY SELF-INTERESTS. That is not a social good, not a government public policy issue, not about caring about the world and others, but these apparently are only concerned about their own money, costs and their entitlements. About 1/3 of grants & aid are paid for by those same student fees, so the poorer students and those incoming ones will lose out because fees should not be shifted up. IWho wants to pay more even if some portion of that cost goes to help less-able-others also get into UC also ? No free rides for anyone but the ones that want to get for their own only. Who wants to pay more anywhere anyhow ?

Strange world that has emerged -when what is important is one's self only and not more social-public-citizens' welfare and their good too. But, that's where 2009 has come to from the times when more socially-conscious students and faculty of the Vietnam anti-war days were doing here.

Nothing similar to ANTI WAR protests was anywhere visible at UCLA campus for years now, no one showed up when a protest was announced .... about Iraq or Afghanistan... nor will it be attended if about Yemen, Russia, Bolivia or anywhere else way-over-there - where it is not the students' own money and lifestyle that is directly involved. The era of selfish individualism is on full display. oh well... "me. me, me and mine is all that is important now."

oh well..... So if anyone cares besides those whose own costs go up calling, writing, contacting the sources of cost increases would be a good idea. Whether it is the student tuition costs, the Disabled Persons Parking, whether it is the cost of daily living as inflation soon will emerge in other areas without decent jobs to pay for all these increases, take action in some way. Or tell others you will, then do it !

(c) Maryjanie 2010