Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HEALTH COST INCREASES...shhhhh...dont talk about that hardly, not truthfully ..shhhhhh

Larry Mantle on KPCC on 1/5/10 discussed opinions and reactions to health care as it is being congressionally 
voted and promoted. My comments could not get in on time they are anyhow !

“ Why is the actual Increase - yearly - in health costs, stated as supposedly "necessary and unavoidable:..
un huh...but that is not continually discussed, investigated, explored, exposed to do direct actions to keep
COSTS DOWN instead of just agreeing to keep spending more and more again, in just another way to
the benefit of those who provide medical services [mostly writing prescriptions by # of services provided]
... and then passing andtransferring all costs that still keep on RISING continually every single year to
the average American.

note that Kaiser- which is a non-profit  - has yet again for 2010  the premium has increased by 10%
...and they claimno profits ....yet have that increase every single year ? cumulatively it becomes double
or more in a short span of time. And this is not discussed. Why is this so ?

Why does the AMA, and all the medical doctors & health staff who  not get reductions in their high fees
and salaries-their benefits mostly that provides only another increase in costs...and this is with or w/o
the usual general public yearly CPI inflation ?

Why is the discussion about whether it is govt [= all of us who earn anything at all paying it ] or private plans
[some pay more, others dont, and it is 'privatized' as most businesses are too ]...why is the discussion stuck in
one place ...? rather than explore and admit why the costs are so extremely elevated... and why most
people dont get much healthier from Medical treatment.. We stay the same or improve, from ::::

1- improved and cheaper hygiene, and appliances and chemicals that keep our waters, foods, safe [sometimes]

2 -better work conditions & safety concerns

3- technology and machines taking over body movements work

4- and no longer do many chores that could injure or cause body harm, poorer health

5- we have job losses, especially the manual work [mfg] ones, vs office 'sitting' in the so-called "service" sector

6- dangerous manual labor has been diminishing in USA and has been outsourced 'over there'

7- and medical treatment outsourcing when our medical prices are prohibitive and other places like
India, Indonesia, etc do it as well, cheaper but with similar results ?

8- and other factors that can be pulled up and looked at, reviewed, improved, negotiated, shifted too.... huh ?

why is all the talk continually about one aspect only - as if that was the Only and most Important part of why and what we need to VOTE on, to change How we do which
medicine ...and how / why we pay for it and why we pay so much for ....oh, whatever?

That is the real problem as I look at it. Most news and commentators and then the
public too just repeat the 1 2-sided issue, as if that is all the problem entailed...

while some of us then just dismiss the repetitious arguments about a closed minded
Dem-Rep 2-party ltd stuck country...that does not allow any alternate voices or questions either. but yet, I still chose to live in this USA and then use it's medical system as rarely
as is possible.

please DISCUSS THE ACTUAL $$$ COSTS AND WHY THEY ARE AS HIGH AS THEY ARE, even if the reparations and improvements that could reduce the cost, to individuals,
groups, even companies are then ultimately ignored with "we can't do thaaaaaat !"

it is not the right questions being repeated, thus limiting any good answers.

(c) MARYJANIE 2010

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