Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

FEAR ! no no no ! let's not !

Pat Morrison on KPCC radio on Jan 5, 2010 did an interview with this author =

Barry Glassner, author "The Culture of Fear".

She wrote on KPCC website:

"our day to day lives are defined by fear. Three out of four Americans say that they are more fearful now than they were 20 years ago. How dangerous is it? discuss if our fear is justified, or have we been manipulated into being paralyzed, by fear itself…"

My response to the validity discussed about how Fear is excessively promoted and elicited currently is:

So glad you are both speaking and exposing this falacy and contagious stress inducing PR scheme. thanks Pat & Barry. I agree, fear is not helpful to make safer our daily lives in this USA we actually live within. Violence exists. Worse elsewhere, Publicized more here. Made visible daily, repetitiously here. why is this ? FEAR IS OUR MAJOR EXPORT AND IMPORT and so profitable too...why do advertisers buy media space next to these stories and emphases ? It is not what we fear but how we are pushed and elicited to be aroused to watch / listen to "news" to be more fearful. Those aroused are better consumers and will buy stuff to reassure themselves too.

Fear is a profitable PR marketing tactic. 
It is not just bleeding that is what wakes the tired populous up, but a lot of sexual arousal and titillation will bring
attention to the over-worked, depressed, angry, bored, withdrawn, and or dependent on external stimulation
American. we seem to love it and expose it even more than other cultures, tho not all others. We dismiss
'superstitions' while engaging in the same behavior and we think we are superior by using different 'solutions' for
the fears that we too absorb and project further.

Why is every described as "worST, moST, wildEST" all described in extremes as if unique and truly to be noted ?

Why is fear more useful to an over-saturated media-absorbing public than it's so-called-positive images that
may be just as fake and fantasized ?

Why is there so much agreement to promote FEAR by media people, by professionals who want to make a name
fame for themselves, by government public relations people to accumulate more POWER in those institutional bodies ?

Why is FEAR the preferred mode of being in the USA?

In this day and age, when no nuclear anything has 'gone off'... when no famine has occurred in USA....when disasters
are actually rare and minor but blown up to be given Attention and thus advertising will pay for that media space
when people are fearing and watching / listening too ...

And the reporter who do NOT explore further, investigate, or cant afford to do more than say the same outlandish
attention- grabbing terrible whatever, so it reverberates until by repetition it is believed and discussed and agreed
to be 'real' and accurate ?

They only work for pay, so why spend too much time doing anything that is not paid for by their salaries/ commissions
? I agree with Barry, that is why my email has this signature to be seen by anyone I write to and by me too every
time I use email:
"No one outside ourselves can rule us inwardly. When we know this we become free. FEAR is always an anticipation
of what has NOT yet come. FEAR is our gross national product & export." "

{c} Maryjanie 2008

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