Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Intuition a topic of interest on too

[a reposting from my letter on] See other letters posted there about Intuition and worrying.

I lov In-tu-I-tion, whatever word is used is ok with 'me', just do it ! Flow.....

How long have some of us been 'operating on' and being 'operated on' by this ability, activity, ineffable sensing, undescribable 'knowing', elusive flowing....

my favorite word is "flow" as in water non-confrontively giving and going and doing and being 'clear', fluid, flexible, and nourishing too.

It has become 'known' and co-opted by now in the last few years, the word that was used by some and not accepted except as "you mean ESP or what ?" by most, and not understood by hardly any.

Now we get wild advertisement for "intuitive psychiatry" and any other sales pitches to get into our private purses. But why buy when you have it, acknowledge 'it', and use 'it' or dont dare to ?

The clever way I use to keep eliciting our commonality, this intuit ability or whatever goes on, is to ask others " do you have a lot of coincidences in your life?" I'm amazed and delighted with the variety of responses, 96-1/2% affirmative, but with varied defenses. This noticing of synchronicity and serendipity and whatever words point to something strange happening more and more often and everywhere now, means we all need to acknowledge the level / amount/ ways we have it or we need to notice and develop this skill.

For it takes practice, alertness, awareness, acknowledgement [of self and worth and strange abilities not 'given' credence in many places, even still now ] and we must be puzzled at how come we are 'meeting each other' when this is flowing more fully, in us than some others, that is.

Not everyone has everything equally or willingly, even with idealists believing the contrary. Some have "LUCK" and call it a lady or fate or destiny, which it may all be so also. Some have "a sense, in the gut" or body sensations that seem to direct them, not all the time, but in important times. Some have paranoid tendencies and notice a lot more than normals and can access this flow positively or see it as danger and avoid using it often. But they also do. They just call it 'dumb...luck'.

And I believe ‘it’ is something inheritable, from family members who could never say or admit such weird talents or be banned or burned or ostracized in the 'older' days, like even the 1950's.

And I know this makes life such a joy, so much less stressful, because the process - intuition is not a 'thing' but a process - a phenomenon happening, in flow-ing, and ‘it’ takes attention to this to enhance and to be used well. In TRUST, of self, of life, of whatever is also creating this living, this in=giving-awareness of 'signs' and symbols and hints and clues and cues and and and allllllll whatever forms are best noticed by that person.

Trust enhances and is required to flow, without the usual fear and the abundance of fear-arousing circumstances that prevent that same "intuition" - as a radio signal - is interfered with to prevent clear communications [in them old days it was radio...].

so I love all this admitting, discussing our ways to access 'it', sharing that “Yes ! “ we have something useful and fun to live with more fully and more safely [regardless of actual physical events or social stories]. I just give thanks and gratefulness for being able to enjoy and use this 'it', so often, so well.

any tool to PLAY with is useful, yes, painting, tarot cards, any playing, music, dance, toys, writings, journaling, 'signs', even star formations, whatever it is, is all just our Playing with this world to "get" the information that fits for me, for us, that is the best for now...only now..not forever.

And most strangers I meet now, I ask, and find that "yes" they too have a similar amount/ level of this indescribable phenomening/ happening/ knowing / guiding [for it is active, as any 'ing' word denotes]. Giving attention and not insisting on being "right", or on following norms or rules, on using logic or reason, on ego trips and pride, shame, guilt, and greed, helps this 'it' be.

what fun ! enjoy !

I think back on my >60 years and wonder if ‘it’ was always there but not admitable until the '60's and has been growing in power and awareness since then, and even more now with here internet & other communication accesses.

Do you know more ?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

KPFK's doesnt tell us about having a New Manager,why the delay ?

KPFK has just kept silent for long about it's new GM, why?

12 July, 2008
this is also posted on

KPFK IS NOT NEWS, even when a New GM is hired? News not provided Tell Your Truth All Ways - please !

The KPFK website has just put onmention of a new general manager.

Even Google does not supply any press or announcements of the new manager. Here on this website, it was apparently copied from Sonali's website which said the mere minimum, and it has been said the the New GM complimented her program, and not others, so maybe that is why ? who knows ? And sure barebones information, even when Sean is googled, little is learned, other than he dealt with another costly legal case at another rade station.
the simple implication is that it must be his fault, but who knows what ??????

If there is a news release, it is not yet apparent in the LA local media that I can find....even on = which has lot of people complaining and explaining a bit of what they do know of KPFK's happenings & goings on....and on...and on.

That a get-real bio and description [and maybe even a pix ?] of this guy who now holds a lot of wattage power is missing and maybe the listeners would like and aural intro on air more than 1x even... to maybe only know who is the new controller over our radio station.... but how to find out ? only if they listen 24/7 to not miss an on-air blurb...

is that what is required to be an informed paid-up sponsor? Or is there something more put out that I have missed ? Is there somewhere else that gives us-who-care about the dysfunction opaque station - to get just the basic information, nothing that is 'secret !', just who is doing what and why at Our Station . Why is it sooo hard?

A blog has been set up that has had no further posts after the set up in May 2008... thus showing disinterest or lack of communications in the KPFK involved blogosphere ? it is :

The purpose this was set up was for were all those who are so desperate for actual factual information about what is happening at and with KPFK - to be able to join together and communicate further. Indymedia seems to be the only LA site so far as I've been able to find, by much researching and searching...which is how I found out about this site.

This website too is not known amongst most KPFK volunteers - who were asked in person what they knew. It appears to be limited to posts of the top echelon of Pacifica or elections officials or an occasional personal journal of happenings in a station or other.....not bad...but not open to posts from other sources...or is it ? That I have still not been able to find out who posts or what it takes and how this is set up...after many hours of actually reading some of the materials written in only the last 2 months.

Who insures that the KPFK audience is informed ? With more than an occasional blurb, because if it is so I have obviously NOT heard it, being eclectic and not able to listen consistently and constantly to the station.

While many valuable programs on air are good, many others are repetitious, very biased and vehement and appear even infomercial/commercial in their repeated 'sponsoring' or announcing events, artists, speakers, et al. Hard to listen to. At least NPR says "we are sponsored by...." and admit it. KPFK denies what it does. While topics and programmers are very varied, the quality or their own personal pushing their views makes some of the programs difficult to listen to for hours on end. You know. It happens a lot of places.

The KPFK website is not informative. [Look under LBS and CAB and how old any info, so very limited, is currently on it, even the calendar is limited and not up to date ].And then the webmaster was given a KPFK-sponsored event and/or a program to play ukelele ? huh? Can this be a merited move with all those others in competition to be KPFK affiliated or on-air ? It sure sounds like a break-in- of-staff-to-get-goodies not available to others. Is it ?

Writing here means ... telling about the secretive opaque paranoidal fearful atmosphere at KPFK. When anyone writes e-mail comments or leaves a voice mail to KPFK for staff or programmer, they are NOT responded to at all, and left wondering again, "where is the responsibility? " and "where is my money going to?"

So if Google cannot produce a news announcement of the new GM, and the KPFK website is not forthcoming, where is anyone suppose to dig out [of which dirt ?] the information?

July 16, 2008 12:50 PM

Pacifica article reposted here, relates to KPFK too.

this is a re=post from regarding KPFK as part of Pacifica and the distrust exhibited and experienced therein too. Parts have been exerpted to protect privacy of individuals named in original article, and parts that appear to not relate to KPFK as much as other aspects of this posting. mj

Assessing Pacifica’s Deficit of Trust

Maverick Media - 13 July, 2008 - [this was written and posted on that blog site first, then reposted as above]

During an early March 2006 meeting with Pacifica Radio’s attorney in the lawsuit ....[about] KPFA ....... As it turned out, money was less the issue than her future in Pacifica .......... In between I searched for someone willing to step in as manager of KPFA on an interim basis. Most potentially qualified candidates turned down the opportunity. The people I thought could handle it felt the station was virtually unmanageable, and those few who wanted the job didn’t seem quite right.

..........It was a controversial decision for some (..............and [person named] was both praised and criticized. If nothing else it was a change, an inside management promotion rather than an outside “star.....and did calm the mood at the station for a while.

In a report for the March National Board meeting, my first attempt to describe my assessment and plans, I pointed out that any decision made by the Executive Director could potentially be nullified by the board. Therefore, I asked for more and clearer delegation of authority. I mentioned the problem of civility, especially criticisms that crossed the line to “insulting characterizations, paranoia, and a deep well of distrust that tends to poison the atmosphere.” I criticized myself for raising expectations “about what could be accomplished without adequate knowledge of the organizational constraints,” and for, at times, becoming “too forceful with my own opinions.” For some it was the first time they’d ever seen a Pacifica manager admit to making a mistake. I discussed fairness, inclusion, and management instability, the problems facing fund drives, and the need to balance autonomy and cooperation in programming.

I also praised the accomplishments of the Affiliates Program and the Archives, but warned that the importance of Internet technology services had been underestimated for too long. .................

The underlying issue, I argued, “is that Pacifica’s identity as a network is a bit unclear. Like the other words I’ve mentioned, this one too is not adequately defined, in part because there is some concern that being a network could be disempowering to local stations. During my cross country trip, people occasionally questioned whether being part of a network is even important, suggesting that stations might do fine without any national staff or presence. Even if I wasn't the ED of this organization, I would find that proposition an unacceptable abdication.

“Pacifica is not only a national network, with the potential to reach literally millions of people; it is a unique national resource that must not be under-utilized. That said, reaffirming the terms of our social contract is vital, including assurances that persuasion rather than force will be the standard practice. On the other hand, Pacificans – boards, staff, volunteers – need to agree on high priorities, and I would argue that projecting a progressive counter-narrative nationwide – through public affairs, news, and culture – ought to be on the list.”

While trying to avoid fights I laid out my assessment as frankly as possible. It wasn’t especially visionary; I was saving that for later, when I had a firmer idea of what reflected both the possible and the ideal. For the moment, my bottom line was that the time had come for Pacifica “to retake its place as a leading voice and moving force in community-based media. “

As I prepared for another trip – according to the bylaws, it was time to meet in Los Angeles – my mood was relatively optimistic. It wouldn’t be easy but maybe I could accomplish something after all.....

................ Going into the election [in Vermont ] , many people, even left-leaning stalwarts, predicted that the progressive “era” was over. .......If proportional voting could work in Burlington, I thought, maybe in time it will also net more constructive results for Planet Pacifica. It isn’t a magic bullet. But if more members of this virtual community can get past their resentments and anger, maybe, just maybe a deficit of trust can be replaced by a modest surplus of hope."

any comments on this educated opinion and relevant revealing of what is not just local to Los Angeles ?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our failed earnings

as sidestepper 2/4/08 [also on Indymedia Los Angeles ]

I just heard an educated economist name Jason Fulton at UCLA say "that the average American earned $1,000 less in 2007 than in 2000" in non-inflated dollars that whatever words are used [recession or not, economic whatever word is convenient to explain what the conditions are that we are trying to live-on, it doesnt matter technically.

What matters is what we Can Afford to pay for our livelihood basics, and they are definitely MORE expensive on the rise.... while most salaries are not raised,e.g. CA pensions were raised by <>

and Social Security raises are not equivalent to % of inflated daily prices. Gas, food, rent, energy, et al.

Those who do have jobs are working much more than the usual, previously expected 40 hrs... so by the hour the rates are not comparable to unionized rates which at least regulate some kind of salary stability. Those who think they are 'doing fine' are often also in credit card debt to feel that way, tho some may be solvent,and others in denial and loving every purchase of it.

Many who are looking for jobs may find one but the insecurity of being "laid off" unexpectedly, or of having a medical emergency,where even the copayment may be a big deal. Other next-jobs are less in quality and human-rights effects than in past times, and the illusion of "I can move up easily" is the motto but not the reality of many, with or without that now-irrelevant-but-necessary college degree [with loan still outstanding].

Do I sound like doomed-view writer here ? Yep.

Can't see anything yet that looks promising in our economic or political future. And 'dreams & promises' are only those illusions we enjoy until they Pop and reveal we are still 'here'....the same corrupted place.

What are we exporting that is going to make us return to our pre-cummulative inflated levels ? Then [add up CPI, not core CPI either per year in your city {while Los Angeles has a very very high rate, maybe another place is more normalized}and what do we manufacture, create that is profitably exported from old USA?

The old American Dream of moving up, having our children live a better life than we did, work hard and save for our future and progeny....has evaporated ...a while back... and how is it to
return? unless we are recently immigrated from worse circumstances? from Less dreamy nations/ locations...and then this looks pretty good, for a while anyhow....

Yes, we are well off - comparitively..but moving off that prior USA optimistic place we still believe but not longer live out ... into where other nation-Cultures are...we have it pretty good ! Admittedly our 'why do we now have less ?' & 'We are entitled & spoiled children' attitudes are giving us this let-down perception...while most other lands, nations, & tribes scrub hard for 1/2 of we take for granted daily. The American Dream Dump only means being equivalent to most other peoples in the world, not below them ...yet.

we need a recess least.

I know. My current dollar is not holding me up, as my carefully saved cache [to save this elder from being dependent and hated by her kids] is quickly being depleted, from dollar-value-gone to dipping-in when no one wants to hire an experienced professional educated 'senior'....because the older are not sexy, not fun. Woa is us in this 'youth claiming' society. And we are many,not so few now.

But as I hear it, hope is not currently possible for others even younger and more competitive either, and "today's jobs" are made to squeeze more out of each worker {See Barbara Erienrich "Nickle & Dime-ing it..."book & the classified ads too } trying to please their bosses. Shareholders be damned !

Recessions may come & go, but unemployment figures have been climbing and not receding since last recession...and they may continue...and security & loyalty are no longer known as virtues or values but cost-effects to be discarded.

The experienced and disillusioned know how to continue on, in any circumstaces, but do you ? the hope for a better future kind ? Can you do without all the purchases you now make and expect to keep up? Work more hours is ok with you ? Living in large urban non-hospitable smogged environments sound healthy to you ? Govt corruption unchecked while taxed on you ok ? Where are we now ?