Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Intuition a topic of interest on too

[a reposting from my letter on] See other letters posted there about Intuition and worrying.

I lov In-tu-I-tion, whatever word is used is ok with 'me', just do it ! Flow.....

How long have some of us been 'operating on' and being 'operated on' by this ability, activity, ineffable sensing, undescribable 'knowing', elusive flowing....

my favorite word is "flow" as in water non-confrontively giving and going and doing and being 'clear', fluid, flexible, and nourishing too.

It has become 'known' and co-opted by now in the last few years, the word that was used by some and not accepted except as "you mean ESP or what ?" by most, and not understood by hardly any.

Now we get wild advertisement for "intuitive psychiatry" and any other sales pitches to get into our private purses. But why buy when you have it, acknowledge 'it', and use 'it' or dont dare to ?

The clever way I use to keep eliciting our commonality, this intuit ability or whatever goes on, is to ask others " do you have a lot of coincidences in your life?" I'm amazed and delighted with the variety of responses, 96-1/2% affirmative, but with varied defenses. This noticing of synchronicity and serendipity and whatever words point to something strange happening more and more often and everywhere now, means we all need to acknowledge the level / amount/ ways we have it or we need to notice and develop this skill.

For it takes practice, alertness, awareness, acknowledgement [of self and worth and strange abilities not 'given' credence in many places, even still now ] and we must be puzzled at how come we are 'meeting each other' when this is flowing more fully, in us than some others, that is.

Not everyone has everything equally or willingly, even with idealists believing the contrary. Some have "LUCK" and call it a lady or fate or destiny, which it may all be so also. Some have "a sense, in the gut" or body sensations that seem to direct them, not all the time, but in important times. Some have paranoid tendencies and notice a lot more than normals and can access this flow positively or see it as danger and avoid using it often. But they also do. They just call it 'dumb...luck'.

And I believe ‘it’ is something inheritable, from family members who could never say or admit such weird talents or be banned or burned or ostracized in the 'older' days, like even the 1950's.

And I know this makes life such a joy, so much less stressful, because the process - intuition is not a 'thing' but a process - a phenomenon happening, in flow-ing, and ‘it’ takes attention to this to enhance and to be used well. In TRUST, of self, of life, of whatever is also creating this living, this in=giving-awareness of 'signs' and symbols and hints and clues and cues and and and allllllll whatever forms are best noticed by that person.

Trust enhances and is required to flow, without the usual fear and the abundance of fear-arousing circumstances that prevent that same "intuition" - as a radio signal - is interfered with to prevent clear communications [in them old days it was radio...].

so I love all this admitting, discussing our ways to access 'it', sharing that “Yes ! “ we have something useful and fun to live with more fully and more safely [regardless of actual physical events or social stories]. I just give thanks and gratefulness for being able to enjoy and use this 'it', so often, so well.

any tool to PLAY with is useful, yes, painting, tarot cards, any playing, music, dance, toys, writings, journaling, 'signs', even star formations, whatever it is, is all just our Playing with this world to "get" the information that fits for me, for us, that is the best for now...only now..not forever.

And most strangers I meet now, I ask, and find that "yes" they too have a similar amount/ level of this indescribable phenomening/ happening/ knowing / guiding [for it is active, as any 'ing' word denotes]. Giving attention and not insisting on being "right", or on following norms or rules, on using logic or reason, on ego trips and pride, shame, guilt, and greed, helps this 'it' be.

what fun ! enjoy !

I think back on my >60 years and wonder if ‘it’ was always there but not admitable until the '60's and has been growing in power and awareness since then, and even more now with here internet & other communication accesses.

Do you know more ?

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