Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Date: Friday, July 18, 2008, 9:51 PM

my letter about Cracking Code Pink in
"Why does the peace movement have to dress and act like an irritating children's birthday party?" By Cintra Wilson [2008-07-17]

Great article and I want to tell you why I appreciate the pinkie alure...

Code Pink is clever, daring, bold, courageous [similar but different qualities], artistic and effective in it's own maybe small way...but the quirkiness and childishness and playfull-ness is enticing. Rather than the same dark somber repetitious "ho ho ho" chants of old time leftie disparate prostestors who dont have any positive uplifting enjoyable claims to CHANGE THIS WORLD, Code Pink offers us a chuckle...a way to agree and join them to be part of this Game [serious & deadly, but a game nevertheless].

War is a game, as the men like to play it.Code Pink mosty but not all women, play ridiculous laughable games to show how dumb the destructive war machine games are.

Thanks for the exposure of the group I like best to join. I have given up after plenty of years of repetitious loud angry speeches, same-old poor-us stories, with no imagination or active solicitation included. Who wants to be dull and sullen and angry with 'them' ?

Better to laugh and be seen as foolish and still carry the same important message further ? In Los Angeles Code Pink performs and reports and encourages and comes OUT repeatedly...each time I am delighted, amazed and encouraged to join in when I can, and when not, tell others about their ways and antics.

It may be an "artistic thing" instead of just, only a hard-grey-rock-political thing thrown around. Instead of hurt, it is a sight gag, a delicious game of "can you see & hear me...I said Stop That Stupid guys !"

I agree, and bright fusia pink has always been my favorite color anyhow. Now I can wear with pride and more meanings.

Glow on pretty girls ! Let's show everyone our own kind of power..of play...of exhibiting our art & spirit & activism.

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