Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our failed earnings

as sidestepper 2/4/08 [also on Indymedia Los Angeles ]

I just heard an educated economist name Jason Fulton at UCLA say "that the average American earned $1,000 less in 2007 than in 2000" in non-inflated dollars that whatever words are used [recession or not, economic whatever word is convenient to explain what the conditions are that we are trying to live-on, it doesnt matter technically.

What matters is what we Can Afford to pay for our livelihood basics, and they are definitely MORE expensive on the rise.... while most salaries are not raised,e.g. CA pensions were raised by <>

and Social Security raises are not equivalent to % of inflated daily prices. Gas, food, rent, energy, et al.

Those who do have jobs are working much more than the usual, previously expected 40 hrs... so by the hour the rates are not comparable to unionized rates which at least regulate some kind of salary stability. Those who think they are 'doing fine' are often also in credit card debt to feel that way, tho some may be solvent,and others in denial and loving every purchase of it.

Many who are looking for jobs may find one but the insecurity of being "laid off" unexpectedly, or of having a medical emergency,where even the copayment may be a big deal. Other next-jobs are less in quality and human-rights effects than in past times, and the illusion of "I can move up easily" is the motto but not the reality of many, with or without that now-irrelevant-but-necessary college degree [with loan still outstanding].

Do I sound like doomed-view writer here ? Yep.

Can't see anything yet that looks promising in our economic or political future. And 'dreams & promises' are only those illusions we enjoy until they Pop and reveal we are still 'here'....the same corrupted place.

What are we exporting that is going to make us return to our pre-cummulative inflated levels ? Then [add up CPI, not core CPI either per year in your city {while Los Angeles has a very very high rate, maybe another place is more normalized}and what do we manufacture, create that is profitably exported from old USA?

The old American Dream of moving up, having our children live a better life than we did, work hard and save for our future and progeny....has evaporated ...a while back... and how is it to
return? unless we are recently immigrated from worse circumstances? from Less dreamy nations/ locations...and then this looks pretty good, for a while anyhow....

Yes, we are well off - comparitively..but moving off that prior USA optimistic place we still believe but not longer live out ... into where other nation-Cultures are...we have it pretty good ! Admittedly our 'why do we now have less ?' & 'We are entitled & spoiled children' attitudes are giving us this let-down perception...while most other lands, nations, & tribes scrub hard for 1/2 of we take for granted daily. The American Dream Dump only means being equivalent to most other peoples in the world, not below them ...yet.

we need a recess least.

I know. My current dollar is not holding me up, as my carefully saved cache [to save this elder from being dependent and hated by her kids] is quickly being depleted, from dollar-value-gone to dipping-in when no one wants to hire an experienced professional educated 'senior'....because the older are not sexy, not fun. Woa is us in this 'youth claiming' society. And we are many,not so few now.

But as I hear it, hope is not currently possible for others even younger and more competitive either, and "today's jobs" are made to squeeze more out of each worker {See Barbara Erienrich "Nickle & Dime-ing it..."book & the classified ads too } trying to please their bosses. Shareholders be damned !

Recessions may come & go, but unemployment figures have been climbing and not receding since last recession...and they may continue...and security & loyalty are no longer known as virtues or values but cost-effects to be discarded.

The experienced and disillusioned know how to continue on, in any circumstaces, but do you ? the hope for a better future kind ? Can you do without all the purchases you now make and expect to keep up? Work more hours is ok with you ? Living in large urban non-hospitable smogged environments sound healthy to you ? Govt corruption unchecked while taxed on you ok ? Where are we now ?

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