Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Polls Tuesday Feb 5-2008

As a Los Angeles pollworker who with 3 teampollworkers assisted 478 WLA voters, we did NOT know anything about that "bubble" [item #6] for nonpartisans to include to be able to make a Democratic candicate vote. I also went to the 2 hr training and NO mention was ever made of this requirement. No coordinator nor anyone knew to ask about this “requirement” only learned much too late to do any good to all those who filed that ballot.

Many voters, as I do, will feel "cheated" for- later only - being told they could vote & count and now our vote & efforts to do so are being rejected.

Q= Who do we shout at and activate to change the rules for the Registrar's mistakes? Who can correct this error for these voters by sidestepping the error/

dismissal of votes instead of just belatedly announcing the mistake ?

At poll the lines never stopped all day long Tues from 7 am to 8 pm, with a long & continuous flow of intense, active voters:

some were brought in wheelchairs by their caretakers,

some walked slowly with wobbly canes,

one Latino man who shouted "I voted! First Time" and beamed magnificently, some demanding persistently to vote Republican when rules said not if they could not unless so registered,

and some coming in actual tears at 7:58pm pleading to be allowed to do her provisional ballot and then offered to help clean up to make up for arriving [almost] late.

Impressive voters. Dedicated people. Vitally insisting on making their own decisions for the next 'change' from this current & prior adm.

And these wealthier voters were consistently courteous, personally thanking us for the 'work you do,' with eye contact, smiles, grateful connections for this event we had together. I had a great long tiring day and will do it again for the gift of all the appreciative voters who give back more than the services we give them. This is why I love living in this USA.

a old naturalized citizen who votes and loves to work the polls regularly.

Did you have a great time voting too ?
Did you work at a poll and Learn about how people behave in ways you didnt expect too?
Did you get caught in the tidal wave of election Tsunami enthusiasm ?
Do you make a difference and love it ?

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