Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Thursday, July 17, 2008

KPFK's doesnt tell us about having a New Manager,why the delay ?

KPFK has just kept silent for long about it's new GM, why?

12 July, 2008
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KPFK IS NOT NEWS, even when a New GM is hired? News not provided Tell Your Truth All Ways - please !

The KPFK website has just put onmention of a new general manager.

Even Google does not supply any press or announcements of the new manager. Here on this website, it was apparently copied from Sonali's website which said the mere minimum, and it has been said the the New GM complimented her program, and not others, so maybe that is why ? who knows ? And sure barebones information, even when Sean is googled, little is learned, other than he dealt with another costly legal case at another rade station.
the simple implication is that it must be his fault, but who knows what ??????

If there is a news release, it is not yet apparent in the LA local media that I can find....even on = which has lot of people complaining and explaining a bit of what they do know of KPFK's happenings & goings on....and on...and on.

That a get-real bio and description [and maybe even a pix ?] of this guy who now holds a lot of wattage power is missing and maybe the listeners would like and aural intro on air more than 1x even... to maybe only know who is the new controller over our radio station.... but how to find out ? only if they listen 24/7 to not miss an on-air blurb...

is that what is required to be an informed paid-up sponsor? Or is there something more put out that I have missed ? Is there somewhere else that gives us-who-care about the dysfunction opaque station - to get just the basic information, nothing that is 'secret !', just who is doing what and why at Our Station . Why is it sooo hard?

A blog has been set up that has had no further posts after the set up in May 2008... thus showing disinterest or lack of communications in the KPFK involved blogosphere ? it is :

The purpose this was set up was for were all those who are so desperate for actual factual information about what is happening at and with KPFK - to be able to join together and communicate further. Indymedia seems to be the only LA site so far as I've been able to find, by much researching and searching...which is how I found out about this site.

This website too is not known amongst most KPFK volunteers - who were asked in person what they knew. It appears to be limited to posts of the top echelon of Pacifica or elections officials or an occasional personal journal of happenings in a station or other.....not bad...but not open to posts from other sources...or is it ? That I have still not been able to find out who posts or what it takes and how this is set up...after many hours of actually reading some of the materials written in only the last 2 months.

Who insures that the KPFK audience is informed ? With more than an occasional blurb, because if it is so I have obviously NOT heard it, being eclectic and not able to listen consistently and constantly to the station.

While many valuable programs on air are good, many others are repetitious, very biased and vehement and appear even infomercial/commercial in their repeated 'sponsoring' or announcing events, artists, speakers, et al. Hard to listen to. At least NPR says "we are sponsored by...." and admit it. KPFK denies what it does. While topics and programmers are very varied, the quality or their own personal pushing their views makes some of the programs difficult to listen to for hours on end. You know. It happens a lot of places.

The KPFK website is not informative. [Look under LBS and CAB and how old any info, so very limited, is currently on it, even the calendar is limited and not up to date ].And then the webmaster was given a KPFK-sponsored event and/or a program to play ukelele ? huh? Can this be a merited move with all those others in competition to be KPFK affiliated or on-air ? It sure sounds like a break-in- of-staff-to-get-goodies not available to others. Is it ?

Writing here means ... telling about the secretive opaque paranoidal fearful atmosphere at KPFK. When anyone writes e-mail comments or leaves a voice mail to KPFK for staff or programmer, they are NOT responded to at all, and left wondering again, "where is the responsibility? " and "where is my money going to?"

So if Google cannot produce a news announcement of the new GM, and the KPFK website is not forthcoming, where is anyone suppose to dig out [of which dirt ?] the information?

July 16, 2008 12:50 PM

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