Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Child-Free by Choice, a novel idea or is it ?

Larry Mantle's pgrm on KPPC 1/5/2010 was about not having kids discussing a book entitled :

"Two is Enough: A Couple's Guide to Living Childless by Choice"
Childless by Choice Project, Laura Scott, author.

My responses are :

” I am old enough to know better....made a clear and definite choice in early 1960's to have children with husband after deep deliberation, just after pill came out to be 'safe'...and they grew up to decide on their very own to NOT have children, each one chose this separately. Delighted to not have-to-be a grandmother, to take care of children,


yes, there are normal happy people who Do Not Like Children as a generality... and there is nothing WRONG or BAD about that attitude...contrary to ordinary average socialized opinions.. voiced so easily that everyone 'should, must, naturally' Love Children. children are ok to observe, talk to briefly when not too close or too long, and it is not SELFISHNESS as in 'not ok' ...but a life choice, freely & intelligently made based on life path and life style too perhaps.

children are not all cute, adorable, sweet, nice, pleasant, fun, et al.

they are also mean, cruel, spiteful, moody, self-centered, with different personalities that may or not match compatibly with any adult. some people like to have someone depend on them, too feel needed, to want to "be helpful" and to re create themselves thru someone else. others dont.

we are very pleased with our socially conscious lives and have nothing missing at all... and with the way the world is 'turning'....we are grateful we made these choices so long ago...all 3 of us, my kids and me too... this ends our family line on both my husbands and my side. great !

someone else wrote:” We are not childless, we are child-free!”

I agree !

(c) maryjanie 2010

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