Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Monday, May 25, 2009

FEARING again ? death ? pain ? loss ? or just just fear-ing contaminated ?

There is some unusual phenomena occurring...nothing personal, but we are induced into taking it as "our fault" our 'weakness' directed at our beings, our bodies, our families, our stuff, our safety.

But notice how consecutively one "crisis" occurs immediately after another another one of more war and sacrifices needed from YOU too, and now !

another of Buy More or the government cant pay it's accumulated debts.

another of Buy another house to keep up with your neighbors' purchasing more homes for profit and prestige.

another of Bail-Out of YOUR banks by your tax monies or you will be responsible for all your money losses

another of Put on that mask to save your life from swine flu death creeping into your daily breath

another of Our sons and fathers coming home from an [necessary for whom and for what benefits ?] WAR in Pakistan and Afghanistan - maybe even returning, but now crushed, mutilated, left untreated by the military and turned into killers of innocent civilians while visiting those far off lands. When those in war or in our military returns with PTSD what do we call those people we knew before now ?

another of our waters being privatized, rationed, contaminated, dried up, and [not "or"] limited everywhere...and you cant live without that precious water

another of venomous lionfish having grown into a devouring menace to other fish and living things, having no natural predators and having been delivered to remote from their original coral reef habitat into more local waters [see Mother Jones article describing this one !] eliminating whole groups of fish and other species and extinguishing other growth of populations other words, our global transportation systems have delivered one local dangerous fish into other regions where they have grown exorbitantly and freely. Or the rabbits proliferating Australia, or other plant species overtaking other’s habitats.

another of our precious USAmerican dollar being printed up with nothing but Federal [private banks] banks creating credit out of the government massive dont wonder what that cash you think you have to depend upon is worth more than the illusion and propaganda behind it.

another of cyberspace being so surveillanced by the US data- collectors that there is no more actual privacy, only the IDEA that what you say, write, hear, or think [ ever written or stated] is only yours. NO. Now it all can be SAVED for some future time when 'evidence is needed' to arrest you or some other identified dissident legally use against anyone who acts against those who hold all the legal powers, right now. All that data mining collected is as a legal library for use 'as necessary' when and if you or yours does anything 'considered by those who hold that information/power' as not-OK. It can also be used as extortion, as file-sharing for whatever purpose is convenient, or data can be selectively identified for a particular interpretation or even used as a bribe maybe.

That this blog, your reading it, your morning cell phone conversation, your email message, your voicing at work or in school some activist or dissident opinion, your note to yourself left at home even, or that simple statement you inadvertently made and then simply forgot, yes, that too is being RECORDED by more than the NSA, FBI, CIA or those easily identified groups.

This is not 'paranoia' and false suspicions but has been verified already by many and with new laws curbing privacy and expanding the powers of data-sharing and data storing in hiding. Check it out and take the hint. Nothing to worry about because it is already a done deal. Without our permission or agreement.

now why FEAR anything more ? Your health. YOur privacy. YOur money. Your savings and security. Your home. Your credit [whatever is left of it by now, with the world-money-men claiming they did not know what happened or what they were trading all this time...] Your insurance. Your death.

All is in more than just flux. All of this is out of your control and out of your information stream...and what is known is just the tip of your pinkie finger, because you are powerless to change it in your favor. Peon. Pawn. Fool. Human piece. Just another byte. or Nano.

If this sounds scary or dismal or fearsome, then know it does not MATTER because it is already a done deal. As a done deal, but no one wins. That is the irony, the joke, the last laugh. Those who thought their lives would improve and their prestige be enhanced by taking it all and maybe using what they know and own to even greater power heights still live in the same type of human bodies with human emotions, limited human minds and even with spiritual bits too.

And by assuming any bodies can own and hold and take more and more and "win" any games for pride and ego-gain have lost already, not because of hell-after-death but because this world is less worth living in when turned into a fear-growing machine.

So whatever the next disaster, [natural or man-made, they are not separated events] or scare that is advertised and sold to CREATE more FEAR and pain and suffering...just know that you dont have to do anything. YOu dont have to buy it, believe it, accept that story or myth or paradigm. You dont have to follow anyone, or if you do out of belonging or needing to be part of a safer group, your choice has a 50=50 chance of being the best choice anyhow.

The globe is also called gaia, or an organism, or a whole, or part of 'the universe' we prefer, or an earth/planet but not all this is. Just as you are not all you think you are, but much more and other than what you 'think' too. That is the unadmitted part that makes the worst only another way to live or to die. Chose how you prefer to do it, or try a few ways out and see which might, maybe, be better for you.

Chose the FEAR you want to temporarily believe and follow it to it's natural logical or reasonable conclusion. Look around and see how others' have chosen different or varied fears to focus their lives upon and how it affects them. Fear is always here and refuses to exit as long as thinking constructs conflicting / limiting / ideas that are not what-is.

Notice how there seems to always be prey & predators, competition for "more" or for position / status. See how death is always possible except for that moment of exception. Find out how much of our time we spend worrying about losing and suffering and hating ourselves for being 'imperfect'. Remember how much we want it allllll, easily, immediately, perfectly, pleasurably and nothing less.

So enjoy the scare, just like you like violent or horror films, or do dangerous risky activities for the adrenalin rush. Be Afraid. But chose it, and then change how and why you do this. It comes naturally to all animal forms, maybe plants fear too, tho we have not heard this clearly yet.

Those who want to scare you use your fear for their gain, but if YOU CHOSE when, how, how long, where and take some responsibility for your own fearing, then it is YOURS to play with, and not give it away by the news media push.

Fear ? of course ! Suffer ? no way !

When the danger of death or pain or direct loss happens right in your face, then and only then do you know if fear is necessary or the right reaction. Otherwise, it is all IMAGINED FEAR ...of the future, of possibilities [not probabilities usually].

To fear a direct danger is different. Then it is a challenge, an action, a direct reaction, not so much imagined, although imagination may play into the perception of that danger.

Fearing again ? why not ? It's OK, just learn something from that emotion at that time, and just keep going on....and on...and on...

you're dead and then it's a bit easier...they say.

(c) maryjanie 2009

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