Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FLU FEARS spread and spread until we are all.....uh huh

maryjanie also said on May 5, 2009

It can be called the FEAR FLU syndrome, not the virus physical one that is so dangerous to world health….why are so many governmental and other ‘agencies’ promoting fear with the media as their instrument of choice ?

The CDC top people have said same as Ron Paul, about “36,000 deaths in the USA every year from flu” and no one has made ‘pandemic’ predictions nor shown constant visual cues to provoke fear like those ‘face masks’ used to invoke the dread of being [yuk !] infected…even by the common cold or smog effects.Note the ‘every year’ deaths in USA alone, not the 170 in Mexico or 2 here and there, and unverified ….blah blah blah….fear anecdotes.

There must be a better purpose and plan to scare everyone into not going to schools, stores, and meeting together, without political martial laws in effect yet ! The governments are falling like petals from a withered flower into the same dead pattern of hiding actual information…

of implying extreme dangers and deaths,and even worse…

of exacerbating the actual confirmed infections into predictions of “being like 1918 pandemic” [ going waaaaaaaay back to when there was exponentially lots less hygiene, technological help, health aids, health services in effect everywhere, et al ] which is not where we are in 2009 health advanced and pharmaceutical and medical procedures/ hospital availability and developments.

Why the continual “news” repeating the same implications and scare tactics ? Does anyone near you or your neighborhood appear to have been infected and hospitalized, or even died ? no ? then why fear so strongly?

It appears to be just after the economic scare, of global debasement, loss of savings and jobs, banks cashing in and being bailed out [their lives saved, so to speak] and people of the nation states left out of the solutions. Is this possibly called “COINCIDENCE”?

or what was the just previous scare then to insure everyone focused on saving themselves because there was no time or ways to care for anyone else around…. arbitrary imperialistic invasions, nuclear bomb destruct ions, civil wars created by changing regimes, genocides within a nation-state, the “9/11″ bombers mostly from Saudi Arabia, the state-friend of USA administrators ?

And what other scares are continually shown in all media, the kidnappings, missing children, muslim women stoned, women veiled as keepsakes, and the “they are out to get US” so “let’s kill them all and sort them out later” method.

Why do we join as individuals and private citizens into the scare stories and spread them further ? Do we need to dramatize our boring work lives ?

To further stimulate and arouse us from the easy violence and porno shown on movie & TV screens and to which many have been bored and innervated ?

Do we need that external drama to divert us from finding what moral and values we now lack as a ‘free people’- to do whatever we think we want -when it is that we are pushed by advertising and debt into ever stricter wormholes and constrictions ?

Do we prefer fear to keep our denial in effect by not focusing on what we are not doing, Even tho we like to say we want “peace” or “compassion” or “a clean planet”…but then do nothing much to achieve these ?

Why do so many USAmericans agree to be scared and share their fears and then contaminate everyone around them even further with their agreeing that: oh, they are helpless, we are in mortal physical danger, and only ‘the government’ [with it's PR antics and image as 'the only savior around', ha ! ] can help us now….? why ?

What fools so many have become when we dont question what is being publicized or question who is saying it, repeatedly. Who ever gave the Prez the medical degree to give us any medical advice anyhow ? Was it just another photo-talk op, as if he were still campaigning or is he diverting us from what else he is doing with our taxes and our constitution ?

Why oh Why have Americans allowed the corporate media blitzes to inundate our open public spaces with their filthy fear mongering? Why?

Please…tell us what you know…what else is going on?

(c) maryjanie 2009

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