Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mother Jones article about Obama and our concerns exposed now

this is a partial repost from
by Political filmmaker Eugene Jarecki

" I think a lot of people see in Barack Obama a chance to feel young again.....

Eugene Jarecki: America tends to fall victim to an overzealous belief in the cult of personality. For Americans, history seems to begin way back with Jesus, Mohammad, and Genghis Khan, and then sometime later there is Hitler and Martin Luther King, until we reach George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and now Barack Obama. That is a wrong-headed view of history. Surely the big individuals in our collective history matter, but they are always a reflection of mass movements underneath them. ....

What is happening right now is that the public voted for change, so it has a great deal of idealism invested. It is imperative that the public look at these appointments and ask itself, "So far, does this look like what I was expecting?" Instead, what is happening is that the public has gone lame duck. We cannot afford that. Left to its own devices, Washington will absolutely devour Barack Obama. .....

This country is a work in progress, you are a vital part of it, and it will go to hell in a handbasket without your vigilance," is hard…And yet it's true. "

Has anyone yet admitted and explained to us, the gullible public, why most of the news media promoted Obama so fervently and diligently ? and how they definitely continously helped create his ordination into sainthood, also by using both FDR and Lincoln as collaborating pillars of the past- implying openly that he was now fulfilling their programs / missions too. Such significant forefathers to lean on for fame and fortune and future programs. my, my...

And while the now Prez claimed he did not run a racially slanted campaign [except when he spoke in an obvious dialect to certain crowds, slyly laughing along with everyone who pretended they didnt get the joke on others ] and while he instead assisted and let 'others' say it for him - as all the pop talk was about being a "black president" vs. being a effective president - or we can use any adjective other than a color-bound one to describe what was now wanted.

He did not have to say or openly imply that race was an issue, everyone else was saying it for him and insuring that "America fulfill it's promise" to one group within it's national boundaries anyhow.And right after winning, everyone could say it aloud, like one of the 7 deadly prohibited words in TV, he was "black", not mixed, not mulatto, not ...well just "black", obviously so with a dark toned wife and children to prove his choice of lifestyle and genotype. But...he was not admitting to be that before the game was over. He won. Now he could be ...well, anything he chose to image and status himself as being, having won the power to rule. Wow. That's a great trick.

A small, if the USA census numbers are correct,the portion of USA - about 14% are African-American - our grouped populations [check the stats out please ]. So Obama's image as a minority is correct, but as representing more of the USA population is a questionable statement. He does not represent a majority across this nation, and his experience is also not full or wide. His intelligence, charm, charisma and personality is clearly a big benefit, especially as an American President. Diplomatically anyhow.

Of course, looks make images and our choices in marriage make our alliances & appearances seem stable too. Who do we CHOSE to be ? How wonderful to have these choices not every person worldwide has, to chose to be in this group or that one or another preferable group. But the adulation this man bought, in the pre-winning days, in the alternative Democratic votes and the obtaining the USA elections, was evident.

All the media was full of propaganda,and [not announced as ] PR,and all the hard-soft-any-but-sell-us promotions, along with fancy grandstanding... and lots of money-paid-for-campaign manuevers too [ all the advertising - selling - of an image to get those votes, and maybe more ? ]. And the clever sales stories like all consumer advertising was fed repeatedly and grandly by the [paid] news media and so people engorged on the ideal that many now may doubt any human man can fulfill.

But the work was not all done by one political party's due diligence or Democrat's appea. Some of the work was done by those voting against, the prior-old-ruler, opposing what was, as usual,as much wanting & voting for a 'new' image for America. After 8 years. Of course. Time for change, no matter who said it. It was an obvious and good line.

Bush insured that the next prez would not look like him in any way, especially in his last harsh sad years. The economic catastrophe also happening deep into the future insured that a "new" paradigm had to be presented, no matter if it doesn't work...yet...if when it can or ever does .... and the regeneration of younger voters via the internet and cell phone technology gadget proliferation helped turn the dream into a promise that instant change and improvement are as good as the consumerist stuff bought. And the fun & games of such media confirmation also gave Obama the advantage that prior presidents never even had - to be able reach their "millenium" little ones anywhere they happened to be at that moment, to come to vote and to wear colorful t-shirts advertising their dreams in full colored face [red,white & blue]. New times, but old advertising ploys, played well, once again.

and now... after the fact and the elections have been completed and shifted over
the results are ......?????? hmmmmmmmm......

fear and difficult worries and dismay are entering the public dialogues once again. even in the news media, that was so sure and repetitively conformist to PC idealism, is saying the same as has been newsworthy & sensationalist all along... we are not in a new millenium with new gadgets to get us to change out of our losses and difficulties.
we'll see...sadly...but we must see clearly now.

no prez is powerful enough to make the changes he promised so blithely before.
not even if his race is now openly stated and used to build up his power. Black Power! the shout of 3-4 decades ago. Has it become a better reality ?

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