Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bank Bail Outs are not for us, Americans, but for elite financiers only

a Letter sent to Senator Barbara Boxer:

Thank you for actually working on the working-person's behalf....I have heard you in person at UCLA Public Affairs and knew then I could trust you to do your best...
and while the list of how our billions are spent that you sent finally telling us of what was voted on ... all that put everyone in the USA for the next 4-5 generations in debt....those $$$ intended to make more programs and also keep up the ones that were created and funded before, when we THOUGHT ERRONEOUSLY we were a rich nation...

I am dismayed at funding so many, just to "keep up with prior projects"
and so much is going to BANKERS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUIONAL TYPES AND THOSE WHO WORK with our money and who then take it for themselves or just hold it for their profiteering on our cash later.

I am against the original proposition of bailing out the banks and financiers.... those who worked so hard to earn for mostly themselves and did cheat the rest of us by their later-claimed-naivitee and their so called 'mistakes' = = = they are =unforgiveable === as they had profited ....before the fall of this empire!

I am still against the bailing out of companies that profited before, pocketed or even reinvested monies and who only later - now - find their risks have failed. They have failed, all of us.

We do not need to SAVE OR RESCUE FAILED managers or board members of any kind of institutions from their own stupidity.

There is no actual accountability revealed or admitted... but only scare tactics are repeated in their sad stories told on most new media.... to coax us to make our giving them 'stability' or whatever nice word it is to insure their continuation.

If an earthquake happens, whatever is in it's path may collapse.... so be it with the earth changes that have taken place with the lies and from professionals not-looking at faked ratings and fixed bundles...let the collapse first happen, even if it affects us alllllllllllll.... or else there will be no correction made.Nothing learned.

Criminal behavior [even if not unlawful, still criminal in essence] repeats as it gets away with it's games and ploys. To bail out the failures is to ally ourselves and prop up those who have failed us. This is a failing manuever.

And all the threats that are announced repeatedly ::: about "losing American jobs", "losing YOUR houses", losing YOUR banks...INSTEAD OF saying more honestly " you are losing those who lost your security," [if we ever really had any before ? ]

It is a gaming gambling act to help the greedy managers and institutions/corporations continue to do some more of their greedy acts.

I am NOT FOR ANY BAIL OUTS.none! and I am very sorry that those we elect, before and now again, were perhaps forced to agree to give-away ALL our future for programs that look-like they are "necessary" [ tho maybe not so true as is propagandized tho ] - i e. why is the taxed public paying for day care and forcing real parents to give up their children for 'another job' ? And why are helping the disabled and elderly who are discriminated against in employment with ageism and stigmas called "entitlements" when they are just being helped to survive instead of burden their families or live homelessly on city streets and beg ? Why are foolish mortgage purchasers being helped while the majority responsible ones are being ignored and left to their own earnings to pay only ?

Why are more college tuitions being paid for by govt instead of offering pay-back-loans, or work-study programs and part time work by students while they study ? It was so before, why not now ? It is not a gift, an entitlement, but an assist only to the poor working class level, not to anyone earnings more than $50,000, which is not poor at all !!!! Let's get our numbers corrected here !

Not give-aways... but cautious loans carefully taken on that MUST BE REPAID before any more credit is allowed. No more purchasing for fun and technological- keeping -up-with-their-peers with gadgets. No more easy-take-outs but honest work and real food. Like most of the people on this small globe do still, as before, because it keeps people on the ground, in actual life, counting their change and then sharing it.

And why are those who foolishly bought big houses they could not afford the payments then - or in 1 year or two when interest rose more could pay less so - why are they given credits and help ? Because they "hoped" to get back more and gambled ? and lost? Because they were sold a false bill of housing goods and now need to bailed out of their errors and dreams ? when all the rest of home-payors who did not act so conspicuously consuming greedily are not helped at all?

None should be so "assisted" - and let the housing market, and most of new construction that feeds on the myth of "everyone must own their own big house on that hill" be stopped dead in its greedy development by contractors tracks. Let people rent like they did before.... and join their families in housing units ..... instead of having 'separate rooms separate houses' to luxuriously prove something they are not - self-sufficient w/o debt... at least not given more than the responsbible accountable usual affordable old mortgage interest of ages before.


jobs are needed and can be created and given to Americans, not doled out of country, not manufactured elsewhere, not luring illegal people to come here and work more cheaply... but not paid for by taxpayers. Let those who will surely privatize those projects for creating more labor, and then make the profits, let those corporations create the jobs. Let the organizations who benefit with profits and risks, return a fair share of the benefits to THEIR communities, or move out. We can imagine who will profit from 'the jobs created''s not the strangled middle class or surging numbers of working class stiffs and tired laborers.


I heard back in Fall 2008 that USA Today said 70% of USA did NOT want bailouts, and their so-called representatives went ahead and agreed with Paulson et. al to just go ahead and do it..why not ? What is this ? what happened here ?

Where is the voice of the people polled or representated....why are Americans afraid or too complacent to cry out, to strike or even walk in a protest with pretty signs and get photographed ? Where is the active, rebellious, audible voice ? or is that never again to be relied upon as a voice-heard at all ?

who knows what is wanted by the greater than it's 51% majority ? so the hell with the rest of us ? huh ? 49% is not small number in any group.

This is not personal to you,Senator Boxer, but my deep fury and hurt and fear and dismay at the whole of 'our govt' as it appears to us from any media we have access to.

Even the BBC news says the same story....we don't count for anything nothing - because it is done - but Not In Our Name- all done...completed, decided, voted on and paid by lobbyists, politicians, govt 'officials' and then merely reported by the docile reporters. They,we, tell us what we did not want. Or we did not vote for. Or maybe no one asked us directly about our concerns ? Those presumptions of how we and our children want our tax dollars wasted, spent, sunk into more debt are incorrect.

Sure wish I could leave this sinking empire !

(C) maryjanie 2009

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