Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Letters to Editors re No More Bailouts, please !!!!

Move sent letters to editors of various Los Angeles & OC newspapers. I was happy to join in this effort and gain access - maybe- to being a larger shout to our media who inform our govt representatives who vote any way they please anyhow....

"Please inform "our" govt officals and politicians - who do not seem to care what their Public thinks or wants - to stop saving their precious friends in banks, hedge funds, ratings companies, and all sorts of colluding greedy actors: we, the people, who work to save for our independent older age, refuse to give another 1c to any "business" that makes a profit at OUR EXPENSE.

No more fact, let's take some of what was wrongly promised by the Paulson crowd BACK INTO OUR TREASURY SAVINGS.

and let's nationalize the Federal Bank that issues money based on No thing that increases our debt and diminishes our so-precious-long-held-savings every time they print up so-easily more cash to 'save' themselves.

Please do not let anyone continue to put our working persons and retired persons at risk of begging on the streets of our urbanized world. Stop the free-giving-
-and-guessing and let those who 'didnt know' or 'made a small mistake' or 'didnt look' or 'misunderstood' their professional duties...let those lose their highly paid positions and return what they received but did NOT EARN [on the job].

If there is a mass fall out of no-back-up of our long-held cash and savings, then let the blame be put and pained on those who allowed this or created this to happen.
Be it government, lobbyists, banks, businesses, funds, rating companies, SEC officials, or hogs...may they fail, fall, recind and reinburse the places where they took money for services that defeated the USA people.

Chips may fall and for one, I am willing to now decease and leave this crumbling scene as long as those who helped 'cause' and collude to make this USA 'bubble' a fake delusion of wealth and growth.

Stop the repaying of thieves now !

(C) maryjanie 2009

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