Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Thursday, July 29, 2010

WIKILEAKS needs every thinking person's SUPPORT please !

To hear more info than on mass-media-abbreviated-censored-News, you may want to listen on line elsewhere too, to hear more and more thorough info and details that are 'over-looked' elsewhere..... like at :
and see their transcript pages for slower-absorbing what has been said also

Amy Goodman interviews people we dint hear about elsewhere much like real hackers or other reporters from the Guardian and other 2 newspapers who agreed to expose Wikileaks info at same time all together to validate
or at least EXPOSE the info ...

before other sources shut them down or try to invalidate all that is
'not relevant' or 'too dangerous ' or ' government-owned' aka censored
and controlled general information that the American Public 'should not know" because we are too dumb, violent, stupid, and in debt over our heads so we cant think straight either.....duh

and one of the hack experts on radio here spoke about their hacker magazine and conference, some of which info may be found on these websites, if you want to know MORE.

The interviewee was named after a "1984 " character' who was called " an enemy of the people but actually was a fictitious person = a creation of the government" instead. We may need to re-read that very old 'novel' so relevant in parts for today!

there were key words mentioned that caught my attention : like
"I am not an informant but a witness"

" we didnt keep logs of sources or records, so cannot be reviewed or turned over when a legitimate warrant is issued for exposing those who contribute information and their IP addresses cannot be retrieved...." while still researching the validity and legitimacy of the info rec'd, too.

and that Wikileaks " is not 1 person but an unknown number of people all around the globe... with servers all over the world..."

[ and thus remain out of the hands of those who want to censor, control information, restrict "freedom" of speech or the Internet too, imprison those who dint obey all the establishment's created rules, and....more ...]

so who is a whistle blower ?

a person who 'follows their own conscience" over the norm, or established orders by political groups ?

Who is a critical thinker ? One who explores and seeks other answers than the one most often easily given...for the general public's consumption...?

Who is to be trusted with they say, repeatedly, "THE TRUTH is..." whatever they want to present....or "THE REAL STORY is..." which is usually whatever benefits them more than others ?

As if only 1 truth and 1 reality exists that they will tell us what it is and we must believe them because they claim that power ? huh?

How do we find out what else we are not entitled to know ? Because we are dumbed down and thus dangerous ? and why ?

The courage, daring and rebellious behaviors of this latest "leak" of what may be unnecessarily kept as "sensitive information" or are denied as having any "new " relevance to reduce their impact is actually a way to CREATE MORE FEAR and simultaneously DENY the cover ups excessively kept and done when Freedom of Information Act requests are denied or blacked out repeatedly for years and years.

for polititians to claim that it is "old information only" to them, means they have read it all already and dismissed or used it ? but that "us" does not include all those who also have a
vital interest or even a family member in the military.....and that "us" do not know or have ACCESS to information that is being passed-off as "old" to them.

How haughty and arrogant to claim the goverment "OF THE PEOPLE" can always hide any and everything inconvenient or embarassing to some !

To pretend that any information The People also NEED TO KNOW and should not be open, transparent, available, or accessible except to those Top Secret Security Cleared obviously a decision and judgement that needs to be QUESTIONNED...
again....and again... and again....

Secrets are a way to insure POWER and CORRUPTIONS, as without Transparency any acts and subversions can be hidden and done with impunity.

Why is the little public person - who votes, pays taxes, obeys the laws, etc. - is so invaded intrusively for data mining daily ....and their whereabouts monitored by cameras, face identification info, ...with their DNA and more personal data kept but hidden....and when the big mega-organizations want to keep their intrusive acts and biases amd all done Under Cover... for their own profit and power-gaining purposes, of course !

What makes any politician think the American People still TRUST them and their machinations, corruptions, unethical acts [repeated and unpunished too] are just going to say, OK, you do it all for me without my input or feedback or knowledge of what is being done "in my name". huh ?

So as the debates continue, hopefully, more will act 'in their own ethical consciences' and not out of fear, threat, intimidation and extortion that surrounds each person...with a job, or a home, or anything of value they must protect, even a family.

How can WE EACH SUPPORT OR INFORM OTHERS that we want to KNOW MORE..? Can we each write or call someone else to Support these actions of Wikipedia and others who INFORM us openly and freely, as opposed to the rules of "obey" and "hide" and "do not discuss"....

and can we all let those who have done everyone else a favor by penetrating the hidden agendas of big businesses, corporations, governments [all plural and multiple] , can we thank them for this "news" .... by writing on blogs, emails, chatting and telling others that we want more TRANSPARENT people with powers over our lives and use of our taxes....

that we want more PARTICIPATION in our governments' decisions and actions too

that we want more AGREEING to our opinions and input, ie what the majority said about bank baillouts, and war expenditures, or the spending of our money for their elections, unreasonable salaries and compensations.... et al....

that we are those "the American People" they talk about - but they hardly listen to - unless we bribe them.... or obey 'them' ..... or follow the rules set by other powerful men with their affiliates in this USA creating and having more wars, more killing, continued lying, increased stealing, secret colluding, deliberately attacking, and taking from any 'others' , and more and more hurting of all humans on this planet too, all the rest of the damages done to all living beings here on earth.

Do you want to help create and allow more Freedom of Speech and More free flow of information to everyone who lives in this globally-connected planet ?

or do you prefer personal 'safety' and 'security' holding on to the old stuff accumulated, as promised by those who wield the guns now and claim they are 'only working in our behalf',...of course ! do you ?

(c) maryjanie 2010

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from the google site above, there are many more pages for your EXPOSE and learnings also:
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