Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Saturday, July 3, 2010

USA corruptions galore, take your pick and then do something else....

Have you read about these political corruptions done in The American
People's" name?


[ from a Move On org mailing]

You might have heard this: BP is so well connected in Washington that even after being cited for 760 different safety and environmental violations, the company still got environmental waivers for the Deepwater Horizon rig that's now destroying the Gulf.1

But BP's not alone in using its DC influence. Check out the list below of other companies' outrages—then pass it along. And be sure to sign our new Fight Washington Corruption Pledge to support 3 key measures that will protect our democracy from corporate lobbyists!

1. Exxon Mobil made billions in profits, and yet paid not one dime in federal income taxes in 2009.2

2. The 2005 energy bill had a little known provision, commonly called the Halliburton's Loophole, which exempted natural gas drilling from the Clean Water Act. The result? Water so contaminated that you can light it on fire.3

3. Massey Energy was cited more than 2400 times for safety violations in its mines, but chose not to fix potentially lethal problems because low penalties meant it was cheaper to simply keep paying the fines. This spring, 29 miners were killed in an underground explosion at a Massey mine in West Virginia.4

4. Michael Taylor was the FDA official who approved the use of Monsanto's Bovine Growth Hormone in dairy cows (even though it's banned in most countries and linked to cancer). After approving it, he left the FDA—to work for Monsanto. Until last year, when he moved back to the government—as President Obama's "Food Safety Czar." No joke.5

5. Internal Toyota documents outline how the company was successful in limiting regulators actions in the recalls last year—saving hundreds of millions while the death toll continued to climb.6

6. GE and its lobbyists—including 33 former government employees—have successfully lobbied Congress to override Defense Department requests to cancel a GE contract to work on a new engine for the Joint Strike Fighter jet. GE will need $2.9 billion to finish the project.7

7. Top executives at 9 top banks including Citibank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley paid themselves over $20 billion dollars in bonuses just weeks after taxpayers bailed them out to the tune of 700 billion dollars.8

8. During the waning days of the Bush administration, officials responded to a long-term lobbying campain by pre-empting product liability lawsuits for dozens of whole industries. They bypassed Congress entirely and rewrote rules ranging from seatbelt manufacturing regulations to prescription drug safety.9

9. Sunscreen manufacturers including Johnson & Johnson and Schering-Plough, in the interest of profits, are opposing an FDA proposal requiring full reporting on sunscreen labels. The New York Times just confirmed that current SPF ratings don't even measure sun rays that cause cancer.10

10. BP—a company with a record of 760 drilling safety and environmental violations—was granted safety waivers in order to operate the deepwater drilling rig that ultimately created the worst environmental disaster in US history.1

Mad yet? Sign the pledge here and we'll pass your name on to your member of Congress, and ask them to Fight Washington Corruption too.

repeated msg but important please: PLEASE !
if you like to pass this forward or you can COPY & PASTE - whatever you wish to send further And remember it’s better to send using "BCC" if to more than 1 person rather than the "TO" which spreads other's addresses into spam .
.... Thanx.

Privacy is important !

You can use the Move On link above

or write or call any govt representative [if they DO represent you, that is ] or just pass on info so everyone else also knows again what is actually GOING DOWN, not "on"... we need to remember how powerless we have been leveled down to ground and maybe need a POLITICAL revolution,
a revolt,
stand UP,
Inform everyone about what YOU know and think and learn
just do something instead of being depressed and silent

so ,,,,make your own label pin, placard, business-like cards to distribute, or sign put on your front door and your car window [removable or corrected any time ]
any size and your OWN statement personal and political
WITHOUT FEAR OF RETALIATION, no shame nor embarrassment
just SAY IT ...whatever...we don’t have to agree or like each other
just respect our individual free speech

make this 4th celebration to EMPOWER YOURSELF
not be afraid, anxious, worried, scared, depressed
instead be ANGRY appropriately [didnt JC thoow down those monied tables somewhere and shout a bit at those he didnt agree with too ? be more like that or take a popular model and use it to do what YOU think can help and make any positive CHANGES.

and oh yes, forget "hope' and do "active movement" of any kind instead. Every little bit, every word, every intention manifested helps a tiny bit.

Remeber, you are never alone in what you want or think or do, tho you may not know or like those who may be allies anyhow.

[and PRIVACY COUNTS so keep my address out of your own exhortations. ]

Make your own statements and motions and feel worthy and valuable and purposeful by doing something, anything other than being passive and complacent.

And also.. be my about what is done in your name and with your money...and let me know what you do and how we all can work and help EACH OTHER TOGETHER in any way, even if it is just reassurances, acceptance, and thanks.

Be radical, be bold, be couragous, be alive and dont let them get us down.

yeah !
that's the spirit and symbolism of this 4th of July.
for real changes
make it your own way
you count
us together
yeah !

"No one outside ourselves can rule us inwardly. When we know this we become free. FEAR is always an anticipation of what has NOT yet come. FEAR is our gross national product & export.

"wherever you are is home, and earth is a sacred place"

{c} maryjanie 2010

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