Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Friday, July 30, 2010

Before "DEATH" it is time to plan, act, learn, help ....

This information for those who may need to be more responsible and take control over the life they have left this information is a doctor who talks openly and describes un-discussed topics well. He is well interviewed by best NPR person - Terry Gross and has written both an article in the New Yorker [august 2 2010] and a book too.

Here we have googled to get info, so select what you may want to share with anyone...even if they are not [yet] terminal but even with having any serious illness, cancer, old age.. No one ever knows how 'terminal' they are, or when their death-day emerges, suddenly sometimes, slowly at others.

It is much better to be aware, be prepared and become in charge - as best one can be. Before guilty-fearful-conformist relatives or the state government takes control and then it is too late to make one's one choices.

Choice is our word for "free will" too. As much as can be had at any given moment....

Do others a Favor too ! Share this information as you see appropriate. The actions taken and
the rest is up to each individual to take care of how they live or mess up the rest of what time is left



which describes the interview briefly in printed words

and to see
Dr. Atul Gawande's words in an article, which may be on-line later :"his article "Letting Go" in the Aug. 2 2010 New Yorker magazine. [You can also have your own hard copy by buying the magazine or a subscription]

[a related but side issue was also noted on KPCC radio page:]
Montana 3rd state to allow doctor-assisted suicide (1/1/10)

Too bad CALIFORNIA was too scared though there were 45% of voters who said yes years ago when it was a proposition here..... but now we don't allow assistance to those who want to end their suffering with rational legal help.

They have to do it alone or lose control over the dignity of their own death. There is a site in Switzerland that was on PBS Frontline called "Dignitas" that considers and may assist a person who travels there for help in leaving this life with their own rational choices confirmed and honored.

We all know people who need assistance from those COURAGEOUS enough to face and talk about life and death OPENLY....vs. the usual common social taboos & fears and PC limitations to talking about what is so unwanted, feared, denied and made to seem and be much worse than need be...

[you may want to also see Becker's "Denial of Death" and the many books by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross well as books more recently written describing Hospice & Palliative care too...available at your local library, bookstore or on-line ....and become help those you love and care for and yourself as well.]

We presume you, READER, are also one of these who Dare to Know and Act Honestly too , of course !

"No one outside ourselves can rule us inwardly.
When we kn ow this we become free. FEAR is always an anticipation of what has NOT yet come.
GREED & FEAR are our national Pass-times.

(c) Maryjanie 2010

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