Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

do you know anything about the latest 'tea party' ?

[our] " Non-Negotiable Core Beliefs

Illegal Aliens Are Here illegally.

Pro-Domestic Employment Is Indispensable.

Stronger Military Is Essential.

Special Interests Eliminated.

Gun Ownership Is Sacred.

Government Must Be Downsized.

National Budget Must Be Balanced.

Deficit Spending Will End.

Bail-out And Stimulus Plans Are Illegal.

Reduce Personal Income Taxes A Must.

Reduce Business Income Taxes Is Mandatory.

Political Offices Available To Average Citizens.

Intrusive Government Stopped.

English As Core Language Is Required.

Traditional Family Values Are Encouraged.

Common Sense Constitutional Conservative Self-Governance is our mode of operation."

----------------------------- then listen to KPFK archives soon, at :

Eben Rey, 'Radio Alchymy' Play and Play
Hour 1: Dale Robertson, tea party founder.
Hour 2: Open phone conversation

and listen to this....a different topic but where else do you get such info ??????

and this re: aliens are here already

Eben Rey, 'Radio Alchymy' Play and Play
Guest Dr. Fred Bell, author of The Inside Track: The Complete History of Science, How It Became Deadly on the Watch of the One World Order and How to Sidestep Their Activities Contact: 1 (800) 729-2603

now can you read and listen to what you DONT ALREADY AGREE ?

are you as "liberal" ~ open minded ~ curious ~ aware ~alert as you claim to be or want to be ? or as you prefer to imagine yourself to be ? huh ?

are you just a put-'em-downer only or are you an inquisitor [enquirer] or investigator ?

are you really "in the know" or just limit yourself stuck in the parts you WANT to know to stay hopeful and in the prior "hope for change" that did not occur after all ?

why not find out MORE and as it always changes anyhow, stay Present, Alert, Know-ledge-able.
and be a truly current and informed person

for a change

any change

especially NOW

why not ?

(C) 2010 maryjanie

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