Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Saturday, November 28, 2009

there is no stopping Thanks and Giving, even the day after

The day after

with most of us remembering the food gifts of yesterday

in this USA

where most people were given special foods

and then feasted to overload and more

because we are still filled with our food baskets

as even the homeless - in Venice CA and elsewhere

ate 3 platefulls and still came back for More again

and smiled or groaned

even if without a room in which to sleep

but eat plenty we all did


Here, on the beachfront, a generous benefit provided

by many volunteers bringing MORE & more...

home-cooked delicacies nutritious goodies

to fill their own hearts with their giving

and knowing

that both giving and getting are at least

equal in filling life purposes, bodies, and self-esteem[s].

The day after

is just the same as the other one

without the filling of stomachs.

The remaining memories,

the left-over sensations in tummy, and some still have food stored

in plates hidden under benches

or deep recesses of refrigerators [“iceboxes”, of before].

And the rememberance that “Yes ! someone cares

for “me” too and shares with me, too

and we are still plentiful even in these harder economic times

even with scary stories around each of us, yet still

we wont give up our treasured

traditions created to EAT and eat more -

to also share, that pleasure, be it small or huge,

with one ANOTHER.

The day after

to maybe even carry on these fulfilled ruminations -

keeping the positive alive

and the propaganda-fears so pushed on us, in remission.

The day after

we need to INTEND to continue

those good-will greetings, feedings, smiles, and openness

that emerge mostly when good food is given

yet that can continue when it is all digested and gone

and we can still be FAMILY with strangers,

the less-washed, the drunks, the crazies, the silent ones.

We can continue

to stay open in hearts and greetings

even without food-filled bodies

but still keep filled hearts and willing minds to be receptive

to any one

human or animal or insect or plant or any being in-on our earth

to keep CONNECTED, to stay attentive to more than just ‘me’,

to be alert and even sometimes

LOVING-like, courteous, cautiously-friendly-stlll, honoring any being.

The day after

is not different

not too late

to continue the feasting of friendship

at any level, be it light or more intense

not too late

to continue to honoring of all souls.

not to late

to remember who we really are:

all this is together.

even the day after

and the day after that one

and on and on and on

Delight also in This DAY AFTER that cycles on in impermanence forever.

delight in change

delight in strangeness

delight in playing with your fears

delight in nature’s tiny surprises

delight in your next food experience

delight in being here with me too.

[or just check your swarming-filled-with-thoughts-mind out to see what is cycling therein. ]


[image of animals enjoying the feastings are at go see....]

(c) maryjanie 2009

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