Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Did I really steal your jacket that cold night, friend ?

a real story that may ...or not..incriminate or embarrass me. I had to admit it and write to my friend that I had ...well read on and find out if you like story-telling....

Caught !
but by mistake...of course... I would never do this to YOU, especially after telling you how COLD IT IS OUTSIDE last night...

so I was saying...
how cold it was last night
how I did not bring a warm enough jacket when they switched me from indoors to parking monitor and then I saw you, and and you looked SO GOOD IN YOUR JACKET
I put my emergency 2nd jacket on what I THOUGHT, honestly !, assumed
was MY OTHER OLD JACKET ON MY WHITE HANGER in that tight closet
but since the thin coat I wore earlier was not there
[oh, I had cleverly put it in my car when I got the wild giraffe B&W not-thick-enough jacket out]
and since I had brought some of my own white plastic hangers when we were low of these in the fitting room that we all inhabit together...
and when I took MY to-use-in-an-emergency-only B&W jacket, assuming it was my other old thin black jacket under it,
and went to my car
and drove home
and then or until...the next morning
I found this thinnner-than-even-my-thin jacket
humped and wilted and crushed and dying
my fancy animal-like NEW B&W jacket.
and I smoked all the cigarettes you had saved and asked about - as I had not investigated the pockets for loose change
knowing I had little money, much less loose change
[and did you see that documentary, by the way ? wow, did you see the 9-11 towers go down ? ]
and so not having pilfered the pockets carefully, even now, I thought it might be good to take up smoking, tho I never have all these years prior to this opportunity.

oh, and there is more !!!!

I am scheduled to work there again, so I walked that thin jacket you seem to think so highly of and want back, all the way to the work closet we share at work.
No one home.
I went tumbling down to basement and rang bell persistently , knocked, rang dulled bell again, and yet no one answered down in the managers' office.
so I had to carefully WALK BACK UP STEEP STAIRS all by myself, with the stolen, ahem, I mean lifted, or rather taken, by mistake of course ! , that skinny black jacket with all it's contents intact
to my car again...

look up if you might be working tomorrow cuz I thought to maybe leave it outside the doors or in closet for you tomorrow, but NO,
you did it wrong
by not working tomorrow, the result is that you will freeze w/o your silly black jacket.
There is no work tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow either
so where I sit here now ...dejectedly..afraid to reveal my real name...
knowing you cannot decipher who I am by my story or my clever emails,
oh, I forgot to change my "psuedo-name" on top of email heading, oh well....
the story is
I will bring that old torn and ugly jacket back to you in a few weeks....even if I am not working,
because I come for other friends and coffee and visiting near there anyhow
and then
you can get your stupid jacket !

is this clear ?

my long story is not an apology, of course, because I did nothing wrong
except to write a very very very long accurate to every detail, almost, of what has happened so far, so when you inspect your jacket, then you will know it's true story - a real story - an honest story.....and you will treasure how many places and adventures it has been through without YOU.

if there is another way to get that rag to you, like if you are near here, let me know cuz I can bring it to somewhere, if it's not too far from wherever I am at that time and since I am coiming to an event there soon enough, I mean a few weeks is nothing to get upset about, right ? Not like I stole your cheap nylon top to keep it for some other purposes or to give to Joe instead ...

I may be no friend of yours, but I am friendly with that that that ....jacket

PS....I hope you have more than 1 jacket, even if it is not your favorite or a best-black-one either.

(c) maryjanie 2009

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