Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Friday, October 2, 2009

Racism screams but has little to say, anywhere anytime....

Racism screams but has little to say

[this was written by someone, in response to yet another claim of racial discrimination in a national NGO - when people of color are moved, removed, shifted, or changed, for reasons other than their external appearance]

From an article in la.indymedia : this is quoted from above "simply because you replaced fired people of color with people of color means you can't be, or be called, racist is shocking. The fact is it does not matter what the color of the person is you replace a fired person of color with. The firing itself for racially motivated reasons is illegal irrespective of any subsequent actions.
[snip]... ignores the fact that [NGO]ʼs attorney at the time of the firings warned the [NGO's] Board against those summary firings precisely on the basis that it exposed the network to possible charges of racial discrimination"

if all the reasons for any employment or election moves are all based on colors of any kind, what else could arouse more easy-to-identify loud accusations of "discrimination !!!"....repeatedly.

it has been noticed in many other areas as well as Pacifica that the only two races in USA that have any say are "black" [of varied hues} and "whites" [ actually pinks and of varied hues] one else need apply.

Checking census data though....interesting as it may be to ignore...[ see this site re census data : ]
"...As of July 1, 2007, the estimated population of black residents in the United States, including those of more than one race. They made up 13.5 percent of the total U.S. population..."

but from all the accusations vehemently made repeatedly in that article , as any place else also, the black population appears to be at least 49-1/2% or more when demanding not only inclusion, but insisting on being part of every single group or event.

The entitlement of 13.5% pretending to be 3X that number in this USA makes for questionable basis for representations righteously claimed as entitlements.

Not that blacks should be invisible or fired or replaced, but the claims of racial discrimination keep making the news and loudly and repeatedly, and the numbers just dont give that claim validity.

Why are not hispanics who may have arrived [back again] to these lands claiming they are 65% when they too are only about 16% of the USA total [see census data on URL below ]

Now ....if anyone is talking about individual people, with talents, skills, experience in this work, with managerial abilities, with good personalities that can accomplish more than another of the same type, that is different.

But if race is the constant and main factor of every dispute, there is something skewed happening, not just in Pacifica, but in the USA and it's media too.

so the article writer [above] focuses, as usual, on the same easy-to-repeat and easy-to-claim but not prove story: race matters more than anything else.

what is wrong with this picture?

it contains no colors, black and white are not colors, but absence of color and all colors make white or blankness...

can we get past this same framework and talk about real people and what they have done, can do, will do, promise to do, and can prove it too ?

Then [that NGO] will be setting a progressive and novel scene of how we run our business and our stations. Otherwise, the same old same old accusations and demands are not going to do more than going to war in some other land does for us all.

death to old ways of thinking and repeating.

growth to formulating human examination and humane selections for jobs, programers, and board members. Wouldnt it be good to move on by now ? huh ?

but who will allow this to happen...easier to use the old bludgeoning words, weapons and never think past the old versions of who we thought we were...back so very long ago...


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