Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Harvest Moon is Shiny Energized Synchronous Time

to all my October 2009 mooney friends,
[written at 4:30 AM, unexpectedly on full moon night time ]

I know for sure the moon's expansive phase affects some of us more than others, Some sleep more fitfully, being inwardly energized. Others get into fights and arguments and dont understand they are maybe also affected.

the ocean tides and fish and other animals KNOW they respond to the natural forces of Our Universe, as we are it, not just part. It allll is us and we are it, as we are body and mind and more, not a "me" inhabiting these forms.

I heard tell that we are having a Harvest Moon, it looking fuller for a few days, not just one...this Oct season...not a common happening. So enjoy it, dont be howling too loudly or others will know for sure who you really are and flow with this enhanced ENERGY and electricity + magnetism + whatever more emerges with the emissions connecting with our own forces and beings.

hard to put words to what science cannot clearly come to agreement is happening, when some want to deny all that is not commercial or man-made. Yet some are less aware, not very sensitive, and in denial

while others, like you must be to be connected to me as you ARE,
must be intuitive,
and OPEN to more of what we all are,
connect with,
and use to live our magical lives.



see for good info below site:

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