Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Monday, September 1, 2008

what is war?

question from about media-speak::

“what is the difference between a war protester and an ANTI war protester."

war protester = one who protests wars - any and all, not just the current one that USA utilized for govt/corptopcracacy purposes [ this is not 'the people's' war]

anti war protester = a protester who is anti-wars, none specifically mentioned.

One who identifies as being ‘anti-war’ in all cases, not necessarily a weakling.

war monger = one who monges & longs for more military-dominating wars.

war veteran = [most are] one who has earlier been assured they are powerful, superior and loyal for being sacrificed & indoctrinated as a 'soldier' or combat fodder, in return for later life benefits & pensions, plus a bit of heroic self-images interspersed for later self-identification. Also those who are militarily drafted by coercion or bribed. Those with blind alliances to their 'buddies', who can form male bonding only under life-threatening circumstances - and consisting mostly of 89% males - using the common language used by male sports teams, 'games' being a common denominator, and war-buddy bondage of men.

[also those called “insurgents”, “freedom-fighters”, “the enemy”, “rebels”, etc.]

war victims = all women, children, families, any populations from where warring military forces enter and in any areas where wars are played-out, including live animals, living vegetation, and any life around. Also those who chose to obey and enter the military life and have then been hurt are called ‘heroic wounded victims', while the other living lives are called "victims" only.

war games = military-like maneuvers & tactics and strategies decided from an elite heirarchy [some of whom have worked their way up thru years of submissive beliefs of what is patriotism, most with lengthy secure careers in the military, those who feel powerful playing real-life-destroying games, violence being integral to the allure of the FORCE arousing games. Adrenalin arousal is an integral aspect of those involved, along with illusions of power & grandiosity, labeled as “we deserve”, and “they are evil”.

war victory = an illusion and propaganda that does not count-in the real work, time, effort, suffering of the non-uniformed populations affected by the acts of uniformed military 'personnel'. It is a claim made by those who have killed and destroyed ‘the most’, as destruction is related to domination, taking over and owning others’ women, properties, and even men’s lives.

Victory is mostly a claim made by those who were most dangerous, damaging, violent and technologically-equipped to destroy everything around and all others, including civilians, land crops, entire cities, and cultures included. It is a take-over, theft by violence and extortion, acts of ‘righteous’ transfer of ownership with the later created ‘his-story’ of heroics, necessity, and religious deserving.

All around and all concerned within the victory-making suffer tremendously for this transfer and theft by force.

war as an inherited custom = "we have always had wars" is often used to given validity and credence to behaving and demanding obedience of all intimidated populations [within and around either side of the war-creating powers]. Those who often claim to be in "self defense" are also "offensive" and can use any minor acts of others to valid their magnified retaliatory reactions...or media-created [propagandized inflated-information] event to claim their "RIGHT" to hurt others. These ‘rights’ are used to then take other’s women and properties and lands and lives. Competition for resources is claimed to the 'need for war' but violence, but the destruction is not actually required to be included in the competitive processes.

any other versions of why so many protest these antics ? whatever they can be labeled as, war is not a healthy choice for any lives.

(C) maryjanie 2008

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