Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bloggers are not just manly types

Dear Bloggers any-everywhere:

Hi Guys. We sure hope ya'll are gettin all the attention you want and deserve with all those opinions and grand-standing we read, but only if the things you say merits a positive response, that is.

But reading letters [i.e. and various other sites ] on activist topics of interest, there is a distinct slant of 'talking to one another man-to-man out in public view' - with a lot of bravado, word-pushing, and shoving- some-insults around too.

It might be more valuable if Bloggers were to keep it all more constructive, healing, helpful. Sharing of information so not everyone has to do the same research is the best part of blogs, giving expertise or honest opinions elicit our interest too. And that blogging is not just being male-focused but becomes educational and relation- ship-building. We sure need more of this.

And some good humor and in-good-fun kidding, that's delightful. But the "let me set you straight, man !" tone that often prevails is a big waste of everyone's time, including the writer's. The put-downs, insult-labeling, demeaning is at least 1/2 or 1/3 of all there is to be read, sadly.

Many of the signs and signals blog writers give off is to provoke others - by being angry, oh so manly, and proudly aggressive while hoping someone will focus on their words to give them some more meaning in life, or a purpose maybe? And why are most bloggers sounding like they are males, regardless of pseudonyms used ?

Since males dont contribute to the lifeline of humans except by accident, [and they never do know for sure, do they ? ] I guess kittens and female-gendered types are the only ones who really count in this weird world we all live in. Women give do birth to what makes more of humanity, wanted or not. And some of have more than 1 gun to shoot, the metallic kind, I mean.

And dont we see as many women bravely 'protesting' and activists working for a better world? It is not at all limited to the male mentality or training or conditioning either. So why be so proud of not being a woman ? I dont comprehend this.

Well, women have even joined in the self-exploded suicide-homicide doings and even build explosives, but in other cities, no? Or is doing violence and death only a man's prerogative any more, not only male "martyrs" or ardent patriots or religious zealots sacrificing themselves for their cause.

A 'real man' does not define himself as better or different than his mother or wife or female-lover or the species that does more work without pay [including helping the mentally sick as well as others].

A real man shows his caring, courage, intelligence, and cooperative side to form communities, to create in the arts, to contribute in any field [land or intellectual/work arena] and he does not put down any other human who have not actually physically attacked and harmed him. If anyone's mother has done so, then please let us know, so we can sympathize with them, and let them use that as the excuse for their rage and their brand of self-advertising.

Blog away and enjoy it. And may we all learn from each other's weaknesses and ploys.

(C) maryjanie 2008

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