Me with my friends

Me with my friends

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HURRAY for courageous Wikileakers and more coming !

see article as it appears also in

by MARY JANIE Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010 at 4:12 PM
Wki-leaks has done what many of us wish we could...

OPEN UP THE WORLD OF misinformation, lies, deceits, manipulations, fake diplomacy, propaganda and allllll that is spoken, written that is "not in our name" appropriate. Wow, some of us are very impressed and want these computer workers SUPPORTED, complimented, helped, and given any and every service or help we can each offer...

to keep them doing the good work they have been so dedicated to providing to all "the people" including "the American People" too... good ! work ! help protect and increase Free Speech as exposure is not intended to harm but REVEAL what is being done for us that is hurtful and against most of us.

This attempt at FREEING information from those who claim power because they can secret information, emails, disinformation and all manipulative propaganda pulls out my full admiration for all who work at WIKILEAKS.

see Reuters article on this at :
for example "Analysis: WikiLeaks battle a new amateur face of cyber war?"

also see Amy Goodman's website for transcripts of interview with Assange and updates

see KPCC, KPFK, BBC and other sites also for more updates as they keep shifting and turning and exposing the fears aroused in those who thought they were the only authorities !

The individual characters or personal motivations for rebelling against the opaque and guarded stories, the perpetual lies, the twisted talk, the never-answering- directly-nor-clearly...the people's own personal perfections is not what is important

but the goal to FREE the truth from those who personally secretly benefit only themselves and their kin is commendable.

The power to do whatever it takes w/o physical human/ animal/plant violence is a new twist in our 'current affairs' the nation-state govts prefer "WAR" and killings, maimings, destruction to helping us all make choices over our own lives and futures.

The cyber challenges are not "WAR" as it actually exists in so many places for so many eras...that is the name preferred by those who profit and gain by actual war tactics and the losses of others. Why do drama kings like to always use words like "battle" and "war" instead of more accurate meaningful words...just to get a rise that they cant get otherwise ? huh?

The "amateur" label is diminishing but not accurate either. Professional is not by degrees, titles, wealth, purchases or length of knowledge but by ABILITY to perform well, with damaging others in the process.

Professional is not a description "given" by another hoarding authority but by proof that anyone can perform well, as well as those who want to claim the only privileges of being top and competent only for themselves.

The hackers [bad choice of words again,] are computer experts who are not employed by the usual corporations, tho some may be, and the people who KNOW HOW TO DO WHAT IS NECESSARY to share freedom of information and uncover the lies, deceits, cover-ups, withholding and mis-use of surveillance-gained private information are our heroes [male and female[.

And those who have 'other' professional expertise, as in law, in writing skills, in advertising manipulations used for POSITIVE instead of profit gains 'for the public' are also included in those who have not joined ranks with Wikileaks.

Finally an act of courage, a risk to face those who claim ownership of us all and our information [that is suppose to be 'ours' nit no longer so. Those who have the POWER to DEFINE or label us, anyone, can twist, turn, change or control those they word-over.

They claim authority. But when more of the people, of any nation-state-tribe, can claim to KNOW their own names, terms, acts, and where their money is spent...aha...that is a new world, not a new 'order' but a clever chaos that can now provide more options and choices to all

even those who cannot yet 'read' or get on 'internet' but are equally affected by what those who write can do to take from them too.

welcome to a New World, with less of the Old Ordered by limited so-owned authorities who hoard so much for themselves alone, including information about us and that affects us alllllll...

yeah !

and P S how many fancy long-termed elected USA & other officials have been in 'sex' scandals and continued to keep their lobby-paid positions anyhow?

and a serious COMMENT on another Wikileaks article there also:

terrific info ! thanks [for a listing of many cables and sites to access the revealed information made available by Wikileaks many cohorts/ workers/helpers]

by mary janie Thursday, Dec. 09, 2010 at 4:30 PM

More people need to stop being passive NOW
when courageous writers and supporters of FREE SPEECH

take tactiction, tactics+action with daring and expertise
that encourages the rest of us humble writers to do something

it could be anything helpful
BE SUPPORTIVE if you believe in what is claimed as free country with free speech as ideals not yet delivered...

share whatever professional or work expertise you can do

help the attorneys

the computer experts

the funders

the media that elsewhere needs to hear your supportive Comments ON blogs, or in media articles on Wikileaks

call your friends and tell them to learn more about what is changing [finally 1 more piece] of their old world [orders]

help children do school assignments covering current news topic everyone else is talking about

give articles and sites to friends in emails, by sending a nice helpful card reminding them that we are all in this together and no one gets out alive either !

promote the parts you appreciate and discard the parts you dont, but share and contribute to the EXPOSURE that is now newly possible

and whatever else DO NOT FEAR because the fear mongers are out in full force with threats, accusations, blaming, and twisting stories, even encouraging someone "else" to do murder and assassinations for them !

what does this tell you about who and what we are now ??

for a while
and stop pretending denial is so convenient and safe.
it no longer is
has not been for a long time

if you can or dare

(C) maryjanie 2010

and 2nd comment at same site

WHEN SUSPICION REIGNS nothing else can ever be done good enough...

by mary janie Friday, Dec. 10, 2010 at 3:09 PM
While paranoid suspicious cynical thinking and comments sound like some 'superior
minded' person has all the dismal answers, and can find every reason to find fault in every action or attempt to improve anything in this world or another

these comments may be interesting, or even have a grain of truth but these comments are not the End of the Story nor the WHOLE TRUTH to be believed or relied upon either.
this "it cant be done" or "it can never be improved" or "what is the use, they already won / have control ...etc.etc.etc " =defeatist attitude are depressive's answer to their assumed POWER LESS NESS.

better to just die away than do anything is their solution WRONG...again...for others who want every change, every chaos, every action to count, no matter which "side" exerts the effort
such phenomena as "unintended consequences" , unpredictable experiments, trial and errors, and every action may have a unexpected re-action are daily occurrences that do not give "hope" but provide assurance than the plans of any human is highly flawed and many dont like to admit these facts of daily life.

so Wikileaks is maybe partly at attempt to CONFRONT powers that think they hold all the secrets, power, and ties and negotiations...or is also infiltrated by CIA types of any nation-state spies [too many movies contaminate clear thinking you know ] ....and everything anyone does may be surveiled and kept as nanodata somewhere but so what ?

Wikileaks did a commendable skill-full act and many are glad for this new opportunity to LEARN MORE.

most people are not "serious researchers" and do not or did not have access to review info .. wikileaks just provided 'the masses'..which is us,,,, and the above commenter too...superior tho "Friday" [another negative comment writer there] likes to apparently think of him/ or her self...

they are worldly wiser than the rest of us...sorry to deflate that illusion.
to berate and find fault is so easy and critics have sprouted like fruit flies all having now SOMETHING TO SAY TO MAKE THEMSELVES IMPORTANT on the backs of those who courageously shared info that was not publicly available before.

I hate that...the plagerizers, users, manipulators who use Wikileaks now to pretend they know more and better than anyone by being "critic".. because they could not and did not DO ANYTHING of value themselves ...abuse of headline news to provide PR for themselves ! ugh.
and sooooo many are daily 'commenting' as if they owned the store and were doing valued inventory...huh?

and improving nothing nor providing any further useful information either !!!
oh well, such is the world of public words, even these... Wikileaks started this conversation and they get the credit, not the commentators, critics, fault-finders after them.

we are all using info put on the backs of those who went before us with doing an act of Public Courage and Risk

and they are attempting to be useful to transparentize the obfuscative...
how's that for clarity ? Thank you to all work who work for more Open Public Clarity in government, finances, corporations of any kind, businesses, institutions, etc. All use the
secrecy clause to further themselves at "others" expense with hiding info.

So dont be warned by dooms attituded writers who want to berate all actions as not vital and as betrayals. Take action and Do More with what we've Got, so far, no matter who is imperfect, not 100% altruistic but still serves a function of providing what we had not had before....leaked info, withheld from The American People by their own paid-for representatives.

(C) maryjanie 2010

see these links for more actual revealed updated information =
CBS News - 530 related articles
Greenwald quits CREW over WikiLeaks‎ - Politico (blog) - 2 related articles

while these voices may be more forthright than most others blasting & blaring the governments' cover up slants and attempts by the Powerful-now to hide from "The American People" and thus people of the Globe entirely what they chose to spin to their advantage.

It is imperative that the NEED TO KNOW the truth or as close to it as is honestly possible to be, that censorship by those who hold media purse-strings and by those whose alliances create hidden collusions intended to profit those rich-powered-people[groups-ONLY at the cost of lives lost in wars, lives cost in unemployments, lives lost in lies, and worse.

Please keep our country as FREE as is possible, uncensored and true to the ideals of both the founders of a nation that has grown into a spin-factory instead of led by honorable-intentioned people, not sooo long ago. The current USA population assumes erroneously that all being advertised is actual neutral "news" instead of propaganda intended to keep the powered in their elite positions of dominance and greed.

Let the truths, all of the varieties of TRUTH-S there actually are, come OUT, be REVEALED, discussed, disputed, analyzed, commented upon, reviewed some more and not revised to fit any selected point of view or specially selected few who want to Run This Show...being re-elected to reigning government[s] and back into "big business" profiteers.

Let us help keep this nation as honest, free and truth-full as is possible, never 100% but with so little being allowed to "leak" out to our public viewing, it is now TIME TO EXPOSE what has been so carefully hidden, misused and advertised as "the whole truth and nothing but the truth" when it has NOT BEEN SO for sooo too long.

the mass media who are continually making-up slanted corporate-profitable claims that are= dramatized, ,
exaggeratedly threatened accusations ,
making illegally & politically misinformed claims of revenge,
attempting to patronize the humiliated governments & their fake diplomats,

(C) mary janie 2010

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